A variety of procedures are carried out on ships in order to perform a wide range of operations.
In the engine room and on the deck, step-by-step approach needs to be taken in order to carry out important operations.

Learn about various procedures and operations of ships in here.

4 Types of Ship Launching Methods

Procedure for Chief Engineers to Take Over Large Vessels

Slow Steaming of Ships: Checks and Precautions

How To Prepare A Container Ship For Loading Cargo?

How To Prevent Fresh Water Contamination On Ships?

How to Minimize the Risks of an Electrical Shock on a Ship?

What Procedure Does Master Follow For Handing-Over Of Ship’s Command?

How to Identify Metals in Engine Room? – Observation and Spark Test

Procedure For Handing Over Engine Room Watch At Sea

Bunkering is Dangerous : Procedure for Bunkering Operation on a Ship

Blackout Situation on a Ship: What are the First Steps that should be Taken?

How to Find an Earth Fault On board Ships?

Ship Departure Checklist for Engine Department: What to Do When a Ship Leaves a Port?

Ship Arrival Checklist for Engine Department: What to Do When a Ship is About to Arrive at a Port?

How and Why to Take Manual Sounding On a Ship?

Sounding and Different Methods of Taking Sounding on a Ship

Procedure for Starting Emergency Steering System

Engine Room Flooding: Troubleshooting and Immediate Actions

Procedure for Cleaning Fuel Oil Tanks on a Ship

Fighting Oil Spill on Ship

What is Ballast and De-ballasting?

What to Do in Case of Purifier Room Fire?

What to Do When the Ship is Moving towards Sub Zero Temperature Area?

What is a Hull Roughness Analyzer and How is a Ship’s Hull Roughness Measured?

Checks to Perform on Ship before Coming out of the Dry Dock

How to Test and Maintain Cargo Hatch Cover of a Dry Ship?

What is the Responsibility of the Master after Abandoning a Ship?

How to Prevent Starting Air Line Explosion on Ships?

What is Crash Manoeuvring of Ship in Emergency Situation and what’s its Procedure?

How to Test Lube Oil (Lubricating Oil) Onboard Ship?

12 Ways to Master the Engine Room Watch Keeping Procedure

10 Technologies/Methods for Controlling NOx & SOx Emissions from Ships

12 Must-Do Things Before Operating CO2 Fire Extinguishing System for Engine Room Fire

The Ultimate Guide to Fuel Oil Bunkering Process on Ships

20 Things that Should be Included in the Planned Maintenance System

How to Improve Energy Efficiency of Ships?

What is Water Hammer and How to Prevent it?

How the Maintenance Plan of Ship is Made?

What is Rollover Condition in Gas Carrier Ships?

How to Plan Cargo Containers Stowage on Container Ship?

Procedure: A Safe Port Watch Procedure for Deck Officers

Ways of starting and testing emergency generator

A Detailed Explanation of How a Ship is Manoeuvred to a Port

Lifting Techniques: How to Lift Heavy Load and Avoid Back Injury On board Ship?

Procedure of Testing Steering Gears on Ship

Procedure for CO2 Bottles Level Measurement onboard Ships

10 Methods for Oil Spill Cleanup at Sea

Different Entries to be made in Ship’s Engine Room Log Book

What are the Periodic Safety Routines that Should be Carried Out on a Ship?

Steps to Prevent Explosion in Battery Room of Ships

Battery Charging On Board Ship

How to Adjust the Load Sensors on Mooring Winches?

Procedure for Entering an Enclosed Space on a Ship

What is Ship-to-Ship Transfer (STS) and Requirements to Carry Out the Same?

What to do When Ship Encounters Rough Weather?

Understanding Crude Oil Washing Operation on Oil Tanker Ships

How To Clean Blower and Turbine Sides of a Turbocharger on Ship?

A Detailed Explanation on How to Operate a Ship’s Ballast System

What is Local or Emergency Manoeuvring on Ship?

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