Watch: Major Fire In Engine Room Leaves 624 Passengers And 85 Crew Stranded Onboard MV Kavaratti

A ship carrying more than 85 crew and 624 passengers were stranded about 16 nautical miles in the high seas after its engine caught fire on Wednesday. The vessel set sail toward Androth Island that belongs to the Lakshadweep archipelago.

All crew members and passengers are safe. Another ship has also been sent for towing the stranded ship to Androth. MV Kavaratti set sail from Kochi toward Lakshadweep on Tuesday. On its journey, it offloaded a few passengers. On Wednesday, as the ship moved toward Androth and other islands of the archipelago when the incident broke.

MV Kavaratti fire
Image Credits: PRO Defence Trivandrum

When it was some hours from Androth, the vessel’s engine caught on fire; sources said and added that even though the flames had been extinguished right away, it could not sail anymore.

Another vessel named the MV Corals had been dispatched to tow the stranded MV Kavaratti to Androth wherefrom small boats would be used to ferry the passengers going to the islands.


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