Shipowners Pay Compensation For Reef Destroyed By Cargo Vessel In The Maldives

The Maldives got a compensation of $10 million in August from a firm whose ship had reportedly run aground in Kaafu Atoll’s Rasfari reef. This was known from reports shared by the local media reports on Monday.

A Panama-flagged cargo vessel named MV Navios Amaryllis had apparently run aground on the Rasfari reef on 19 August while sailing to South Africa from India, per reports from the Xinhua news agency.

Investigations conducted by the Environment Protection Agency disclosed that the vessel had run aground as its engine was shut off owing to overheating coupled with negligence of the captain.

The Maldives
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A fine of $10 million was credited by the ship’s owner into an account belonging to the Maldives Monetary Authority, the central bank of the country.

The vessel that was detained after the incident has been finally permitted to leave when damages were paid by the vessel owner.


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