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A lot has been written by us already regarding the container lashing and securing on container ships. Cargo containers safety on board ships is one of the most important tasks that has to be carried out by the master and chief officer. From preparing a ship from loading cargo containers to taking care of the cargo while the ship is at sea, every aspect of container transportation has to be handled with the finest skills and knowledge.

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What is container security initiative? 

We at Marine Insight understand the importance of container safety and security and thus put extra stress in making seafarers aware of the general practices and dangers associated with container handling.

container securing

However, we felt that container handling is a subject which requires more in-depth inputs from the finest experts in the market. Thus, when were made aware of the Lloyd’s Register’s guide – A Master’s Guide to Container Securing, we decided to let the experts do the talking on such important subject. Moreover, the best part is that the guide is available absolutely FREE to download.

What will you learn in the guide?

  • Introduction to container securing
  • Basic Advice
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Lashing systems
  • Safe Working
  • Ships and Containers
  • Container Construction
  • Lashing Components
  • Principals of Stowage
  • Ship’s Behavior

This powerful guide from Lloyd’s Register is a must-have for all maritime professionals working on container ships.

“The purpose of this guide is to discuss container security systems, the cause of lashing failures and to offer advice as to how losses can be minimized.”

Special thanks to Lloyd’s Register for providing this resource.

Click here to download the FREE Guide 


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