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confined space cover_2 More seafarers die or are injured in enclosed spaces than through any other onboard work activity. In spite of all the guidelines, safety procedures, manuals, and training, accidents in enclosed spaces continue to take place on ships.

The facts and figures are disturbing.

According to a report, it has been estimated that more than 50% of people who die in confined spaces are attempting to rescue others who have found themselves in difficulty.

Latest data from the UK Marine Accident Investigators Bureau (MAIB) show there were 101 enclosed space incidents in an eleven-year period between 1998 and 2009. Ninety three of them were fatal and another 96 of them were serious injury accidents. (Source : Lloyd’s Register)

The number of accidents happening because of seafarers entering confined spaces is unacceptable and that although safety procedures have been developed for people to follow, it is clear from the numbers of fatalities and injuries that these procedures are failing.

These needless deaths and injuries need to be stopped immediately.

Recognising a confined space and dangers it represents, along with carrying out a thorough risk assessment is the key to eradicate these unfortunate incidents in dangerous places.

In our new FREE guide on safe working procedures in enclosed spaces, we have provided information on practical safety procedures and risk assessments that needs  to be taken before making entry into confined spaces on ships.

The practical guide includes the following:

->Confined space hazards
->Risk assessment
->Duties Of Responsible Officer
->Atmospheric testing and confined space inspection
->Defining the criteria for confined space entry
->Procedures for safe entering
->Emergency response arrangements

Remember, working in confined spaces can be deadly.

On the Occasion of World Maritime Day, let’s pledge to spread awareness on safe enclosed space entry procedures to prevent unfortunate accidents at the sea.

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