Marine Insight Launches New eBook – The Ultimate Guide to Deck Machinery Procedures and Operations

If you are a deck officer or are studying to become one, then you must be aware of the complexities involved with all the deck operations that are routinely carried out on board ships.

Being a deck officer is not just about navigating a ship. There are a number of aspects that must be taken into consideration by deck officers in order to ensure safe and smooth sailing of ships.

Deck Machinery and procedure book From handling cargo loading and unloading operations to carrying out pilotage operations, a deck officer has to perform several tasks and undertake many responsibilities. It is therefore extremely important that officers and crew working on ship’s deck closely understand the procedures of all deck machinery systems and operations.

In order to assist deck officers in carrying out their tasks in a safe and efficient manner, Marine Insight has introduced the eBook “The Ultimate Guide to Deck Machinery Procedures and Operations” – A comprehensive guide to understand starting and stopping procedures of deck machinery systems, emergency procedures, and shipping operations.

That is not all! Each section comes with “Real Life Incidences” contributed by sea going maritime professional. This not only helps in understanding deck operations in a better way but also provides an insight of common mistakes that occur on ships. The eBook is power-packed with valuable information along with practical knowledge.

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What will you learn in the eBook?

Part -I – Deck Machinery Operating Procedures

  • Bow thrusters
  • Steering gear
  • Ballast system
  • Mooring winches
  • Anchor windlass
  • Hydro-blaster
  • Lifeboat launching
  • Life raft launching
  • Rescue boat launching

Part -II General Deck Operations

  • Port watch procedure
  • Ship’s lookout procedure
  • Entries in the bridge log
  • Anchoring operation
  • Pilotage operation
  • Deck crane / Lifting operation
  • Painting and Chipping
  • Working Aloft
  • Mooring Operation
  • Helicopter Operation

Part III – Emergency Preparation 

  • Cold weather preperation
  • Rough weather preparation
  • Pirate zone preparation
  • Oil pollution preparation

Part IV – Emergency Operations

  • Grounding/Flooding/Collision
  • Oil Spill on Ships
  • Pirate Attack
  • Emergency/ Crash Maneuvering
  • Emergency Steering
  • Beaching
  • Abandon Ship
  • Emergency Towing Operation


Apart from the above mentioned topics, the guide also offers important tips and tricks to handle each deck operation and emergency procedure.

There’s a lot of valuable information for deck officers in this eBook.

Get a copy of the ultimate guide now!

Click here to know more about the Ebook – The Ultimate Guide to Deck Operation Procedures and Operations 

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  1. Your ultimate guide about machinery procedures and operation is just awesome…… thanks for sharing

  2. @Michael – Glad you liked the ebook. It is indeed very useful for freshers and new joiners.

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