Launching New eBook – A Guide to Become A Successful Deck Officer + 4 FREE Bonuses

sucessful-deck-officer-copy From Cadet to Captain: A Guide to Become a Successful Deck Officer” is Marine Insight’s new ebook , which describes the career path of a deck officer, enumerating his duties and responsibilities at each stage.

The 100 page ebook is written by experienced chief officer, Abhishek Bhanawat, who has vast experience sailing on a variety of tanker ships.

The ebook takes you through the process of making of a deck officer, starting from the nautical institutes, which provide a base for the young deck cadet, to the specialized experience and training that makes a deck officer the ultimate authority on the ship – the captain.

The main topics of the ebook includes:

1.Officer in the Making : Deck Cadet
2.Operational Level Officer : Third and Second Officers
3.Second in Command : Chief Officer
4.The Sole Authority : Captain
5.FAQ for Operational Level Officers
6.FAQ for Management Level Officers

The ebook offers a general overview of the duties of the deck officers on board ships. It also features key points for carrying out a variety of shipboard operations ranging from cargo operations to maintaining navigation charts.

If you are a deck officer working on ships or are planning to become one, then this ebook is a must have for you.

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Along with the ebook, you will receive 4 more bonuses worth $20 absolutely free.

FREE Bonuses you will receive with this ebook:

1. A Guide to Lifeboat Operation and Maintenance on Ships

2. Quick Reference Resource of Important Navigation Chart Symbols

3. Important Checklists for Deck Officers – More than 20 Nos.

4. The Ultimate Guide to Travel Safety for Seafarers.

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