New eBook – A Guide To Financial Planning For Seafarers

financial guide l - Copy Rajeeve Kaushik, an experienced maritime professional and a self-taught financial planning expert, takes seafarers through the journey of financial planning, providing age specific investment and saving plans along with some very helpful golden nuggets.

Seafarers, as a group, are quite disconnected from the world which creates a void of knowledge regarding requirements of family and life ashore, along with a dearth of information on financial planning.

Though enough has been said on the subject of finances, seafarers considerably lag behind on the matters of finances, making them rely on the decision of others and thus risking their hard-earned money.

Considering the unique situation of seafarers, chief engineer Rajeeve Kaushik through his ebook “A Guide To Financial Planning For Seafarers” provides a thorough understanding on the various aspects of financial planning right from the start of the career until the time you hang-up your boots.

This ebook will help seafarers in:

– Making their own financial decisions

– Inculcating financial discipline

– Creating wealth by maximising return on your investment

– Understanding the process of taxation and taxability

– Planning finances according to the age group

– Keeping a track of investments

and much more…

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Note – This eBook has been written from the point of view of an Indian seafarer and the financial planning instruments available to him or her in India. However, the basics of financial planning mentioned herein hold true for seafarers of all nationalities. 

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  1. This ebook on “A Guide to Financial Planning for Seafarers” provides me lots of knowledge on various aspects of financial planning to start the career. Thanks for sharing this information Financal Investment

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