Infographic: Annual maritime crime statistics for 2015 – Dryad Maritime

Looking to gain a greater understanding of maritime crime in 2015 to help inform your maritime crime strategy for the year ahead? Download our free report on maritime crime in 2015.

Providing commentary on maritime piracy and crime around the world, the conflicts in Yemen and Libya, and the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean; the report outlines the diverse and complex threats that shipping companies and mariners face.

maritime crime
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This latest in-depth report from Dryad Maritime gives an overview of 2015 maritime crime incidents in Dryad’s main reporting areas of; the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Guinea, Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean. It offers Dryad’s detailed analysis of these events, highlights key trends and describes what these could mean for ship owners and managers operating in these areas.

Whether IUU fishing could spark a possible resurgence of Somali piracy, the high number of maritime crime incidents in Southeast Asia, and the impact the civil war in Yemen is having on commercial shipping in the Mediterranean, are just some of the topics covered in the report, which has been created to enhance maritime domain awareness by providing readers with a greater understanding of the current state of maritime crime around the world.


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