Recognizing World Environmental Heath Day, the Cruise Industry Shows Efforts Toward Better Air Quality

Washington, Sept. 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In honor of 2017 World Environmental Health Day and its theme of air quality, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) is recognizing its Cruise Line Members’ efforts to protect the world’s air.

“We have both a moral responsibility and business imperative to sustain the places we sail and the communities that support our industry,” said Cindy D’Aoust, president and CEO, CLIA. “Through innovative and state-of-the-art air emissions programs, we make clean ocean air one of our top priorities.”

CLIA Cruise Line Members reduce cruise ship air emissions through:

  • Investments
    Investments in new ship design and the pioneering of new technologies are the core of CLIA Cruise Line Members’ air quality efforts. Cruise lines are innovators in developing cutting edge ship designs and sustainable environmental practices, including energy-efficient design standards to lead to a 30 percent reduction in new marine vessel CO2 emissions by 2025; hull paints with special non-toxic coatings that reduce fuel consumption by 5 percent; and solar panel installation to provide emissions-free energy. Because of creative approaches to improving cruise ship air reductions, new cruise ships that enter service today, no matter their size, are among the most environmentally friendly ships in the history of commercial shipping.
  • Collaboration 
    The cruise industry has collaborated with leading national and international organizations to advance sustainable approaches that protect the environment. For example, the cruise industry has been a major contributor to such efforts at the International Maritime Organization (IMO), participating in working groups and committees to develop global regulations and guidelines that protect the environment. The industry supported the development and implementation of the first ever global and legally binding greenhouse gas reduction regime for an entire international industry sector, to achieve a 30 percent reduction in new ship CO2 emissions by 2025.
  • Leadership
    In 2016, the cruise industry convened a first of-its-kind Air Emissions Workshop, bringing together NGOs, the cruise industry and other maritime stakeholders to openly share ideas on air emissions reduction. The workshop facilitated transparent discussions about challenges and opportunities, industry efforts to meet and exceed regulatory requirements and future regulatory trends related to reductions in SOx, NOx and particulate matter.

The cruise industry works with various other partners, including ports and destinations, toward mutual environmental stewardship goals. The Port of Seattle is just one example where cruise lines have worked closely alongside a port to improve air quality. Several of CLIA’s Cruise Line Members have been recognized by the Port of Seattle throughout the years with its Green Gateway Award. These members demonstrated additional environmental and “green” performance initiatives beyond U.S. requirements when transiting the waters near the Port of Seattle and while berthed at the port so that their vessels were operating as efficiently as possible.

“We at the Port of Seattle observe year after year the cruise industry’s commitment to reducing emissions while in port by using shore power and exhaust gas cleaning systems,” said Port of Seattle Commissioner John Creighton. “As part of our port community, cruise lines share our goals to reduce maritime-related emissions while maintaining a vibrant harbor. We look forward to our continued relationship with the industry and partnering on our mutual efforts to protect Seattle’s natural environment and air.”

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