New eBook Launched – A Guide to Master Dry Dock Operations (For Deck Department)

After the launch of our last eBook – A Guide to Master Dry Dock Operations (For Engine Department), we received many great reviews and hundreds of requests to make an ebook on the dry dock operations for the Deck Department as well.

We heard your request and today we are launching the new ebook – A Guide to Master Dry Dock Operations (Deck Department).


The eBook comprises of more than 100 pages of power-packed information on dry dock operations and procedures for deck officers. The downloadable guide also offers valuable checklists and reports that are used during the dry docking process.

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A general overview of the topics explained in detail in the ebook is as followed:


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The ebook also includes important checklists and reports which can be easily printed-out and used. They are as followed:


  • Preparing and planning dry dock
  • Before Docking
  • During Dry Dock
  • Before/During Dry Docking


  • Tag-in, Tag-out Report
  • Landing Report
  • Work Operation Report
  • Valve Operation Report
  • Hull Work Report

dry dock ship

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Note: As an introductory offer, we are giving 40% OFF on the original price of the eBook for a very limited period of time.

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