FREE Digital Guides: Launching 2 New Guides For Mariners

We would like to announce that we are launching two more FREE ebooks today – 1. “A Brief Introduction To Important Ship Mooring Techniques” for deck department and 2. “A Brief Overview Of Ship’s Auxiliary Engine” for engine department.

The content of the ebooks are as below:

mooring techniques 2 (1) A Brief Introduction To Important Ship Mooring Techniques 


  • Introduction
  • Mediterranean Mooring
  • Baltic Mooring
  • Single Point or Single Buoy Mooring
  • Conventional Or Multi-Buoy Mooring
  • Ship-to-Ship Mooring
  • Running Mooring  & Standing Mooring

A Brief Overview Of Ship’s Auxiliary Engine

auxiliary engine (1) Content:

Basic Operations Of Ship Auxiliary Engine

  • Power generation
  • Synchronisation
  • Blackout Situation

Important Procedures

  • Starting / Stopping procedure
  • Performance
  • Fuel Changeover Procedure

Important Safety Inclusions

  • Overspeed trip
  • Air circuit breaker
  • Preferential trip
  • Other safety alarms and trips
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