The Collapsible Cargoshell Shipping Container Concept Waits for ISO Certification

The eco-friendly collapsible cargoshell shipping containers are finally being tested for ISO certification. If accepted and adopted by Germanische Llyod, the green container would work wonders to reduce the carbon emissions from the shipping industry worldwide.

Moreover, the collapsible containers would use less space when empty on ships and at ports, and can be reduced to a quarter of their original volume in less than 30 minutes.

Collapsible Cargoshell Shipping Container

Some amazing features of the Cargoshell Containers include:

  • The container is made up of composite materials; Much lighter (almost 25%) than the conventional steel containers
  • Have roll-up doors unlike the outward doors in conventional containers. This would allow containers to be stacked near each other and save space
  • Save Fuel as lesser power is required to carry the containers.
  • Reduce Co2 emission
  • Composite material of the containers doesn’t corrode and thus there is no need of toxic paints
  • The containers have better insulation property than that of conventional steel containers
  • Composite material doesn’t corrode, reduces internal condensation, and protects the cargo from fungi and other microorganisms
  • Unlike steel containers, composite containers do not interfere with GPS signals and transmitters
  • Composite containers can be easily fitted with tracking and monitoring devices

With so many benefits, there are fewer chances of these containers not getting an ISO certification. However, there is one drawback – The price of each container is approximately 3 times its steel counterpart.

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