Nissan Unveils Eco-friendly Ship – The City of St. Petersburg

The trend of eco-friendly ships is definitely on the rise. Nissan, one of the pioneers in the auto market, has recently unveiled an eco-friendly ship – The City of St. Petersburg. The ship has been built with a special purpose of transporting the company’s eco-friendly leaf electric vehicles.

The City of St. Petersburg, the ship with an unusual name has an equally unusual design, which is expected to reduce the fuel consumption by 800 tons (Equivalent of 2500 tons of CO2 emission per year). This unconventional eco-friendly ship can accommodate 2000 cars and weighs 21,000 tons. The design is so made that it reduces the waste and cuts the air resistance by almost 50 percent.

According to Satoshi Yako, Senior Manager, supply chain manager, Nissan Motors – the ship’s spherical pro design is the first of its kind, which uses its aerodynamic design and provides a substantial reduction in the ship’s overall fuel consumption.

With “The City of St. Petersburg”, Nissan has made a worthwhile effort to take the concept of green-shipping to the next level.

Watch the ship in action below:

Source: Seanews


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