Maritime Industry is going through a digital transformation. If you want your marine business to thrive it is important to have a digital presence.

However, if you have not yet hopped on the train, worry not! We will help you with that.

Do you have a maritime or shipping business?

Do you want that:

  • Customers can contact you easily
  • You can showcase your services and products to a global audience
  • You want that your business is not restricted to your area or region
  • It is easier to market your services and products
  • There are more reliable clients
  • You can scale your business to greater heights

If your answer to all the above is yes, then we will help to make a website for you absolutely FREE!

In today’s time, an online presence will not only show more credibility for your marine business but will also open new doors of opportunities for you.

How Marine Insight Can help you?

We will make a WordPress based website for you, absolutely FREE.

So what’s the catch and how we can help you?

An online presence needs two important things:

  • A registered domain
  • A website hosting provider

In order to get a FREE website from us, you need to sign-up through our affiliate links.

Note: You do not have to pay anything extra, but we get a commission out of the sale.

What more we will require fro you in order to setup a FREE website for you?

Our developers will help you with setting up your website. However, we will still need the content, which would be provided by you.

Content will include text, photos, videos etc. In short everything you want to show about your company.

Our FREE website offer include the following pages:

  • Home page
  • About Us page
  • Contact Us page
  • Photo gallery (optional)
  • Client’s page (optional)


The offer is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Also this offer is on a first-come-first serve basis.

The turn-around time will solely depend on the workload and the timely submission of content from your side.

Don’t worry! We won’t promise you anything we can’t deliver.

If you need any additional functionality, we can have a discussion and offer you a quote.

So ready to have your FREE digital presence online? Let us know your requirements below:

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