Video of the Day: The Elomatic Visualization of NYK Super Eco Ship 2030

The concept ship NYK Super Eco Ship 2030 is the first step by NYK towards their 2050 “Zero Emissions” goal. The ship is aimed to utilize maximum of the green-power and thus reduce the carbon emissions.

he eco-friendly ship concept has been designed with the collaboration of MTI (NYK’s subsidiary technology institute) and Elomatic (A marine consulting firm).

This visual rendition of the green ship is our video of the day because of the simplicity in which the most technical of the concepts have been explained in a short duration of ten minutes. Not to forget the amazing creativity and skills that has resulted into such concept.

Check out the video

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  1. This has been a great viewing, showing the innovation in cargo stowage and self-sustaining handling at the dock on the inner decks.
    It is all very impressive.

  2. Is only propaganda, I don´t know how mani time are mencioned “NYK”. I want to see this expencive ship!!!!

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