New Wind Turbine Ship Design Unveiled

A collaborative venture between the Scottish W3G Marine Ltd. and IHC Merwede Group of the Netherlands could prove to be a revolutionary launch pad for a new type of offshore marine turbine vessel.

At present the wind turbines set-up in the high seas have to be carried to the required fields where the installation needs to be carried out. Through this joint venture, the lengthy and complex process of installing wind turbines will be eliminated, paving the way of faster and simpler installations.

Wind Turbine Ship Design

This method of wind turbine installation in the high seas follows pre-assembled wind turbines that are transported to the designated area where the turbine foundations are built. The technical details about the construction and other specifications will be provided by the Scottish conglomerate while the finishing touches to the provided technology would be contributed by the Dutch shipping company.

The technical support of W3G Company includes the incorporation of its latest and highly noteworthy Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Ship (OWTIS) for the proposed turbine installation ship. With the usage of this vessel, the project and in-turn the OWTIS’s viability in terms of efficiency and surety is assured making the project even more feasible.

The project of the wind turbine vessel was contrived for the first time during the launch of the Thanet wind energy facility in the year 2010. At present, the vessels used to install turbines in the high seas operate for around 240 days in a year. OWTIS, on the other hand, can function for around 270 days in a year, carrying out seasonally feasible operations.

Wind Turbine Ship Design

With a speed of 14 knots, an operational deck ambit of 4500 square metres, the vessel measures 194.5 metres lengthwise, 38 metres breadth wise and has a draft of 8 metres. Unlike its predecessors in the wind turbine ship sector, the W3G/IHC vessel utilises the concept of dynamic positioning to enable better effectiveness in its operational area.

The ship is currently under construction in the IHC shipyard and is expected to be fully constructed by the year 2013 while its operational usage will commence from 2014 if the construction dates are met.

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