Adaptive: An Innovative Stealth Technology for Ships

British company – BAE Systems, has designed a unique protective shield to counter the threat of infrared identification in moving vehicles in ground, sea and air – for both civilian and military operations. The device will be showcased for the first time at the exhibition of Defence and Security Equipment, held in the United Kingdom.

Known as Adaptiv, the infrared counter-acting equipment consists of boards shaped in the form of hexagons that are attached to the outside body of the vessel. These boards work as picture elements and modify the temperature to enable suitable concealing from enemy attacking points. In order to assist the Adaptiv to successfully blend in with the background, there are cameras placed that continually transmit the pictures which help the device in its concealment process.


Also, in addition to the pictures transmitted, the device is equipped with several pre-fitted pictures that enable the device to conceal the vessel with much better success. These pre-fitted pictures have routine imageries seen and observed on a day-to-day basis.

The funding for the development of this concealing device has been contributed in part by the Swedish Defence Administration. In addition to the incorporation of the infrared technology, the device also incorporates other technological systems to help the device function better in the days to come.

The hexagonal boards of the Adaptiv are made of such a material that it makes it easier to replace them when they come under the attack of opponents’ artillery.  Also the distance of the stealth position required can be adjusted by suitably adjusting the boards. For ships, since the concealment required is that of a long-distance range, the boards are considerably bigger in size which helps to project imagery that is purposefully blurred and lacking in clarity.


The concealment boards use electric supply provided by the vessels on which they are fitted while temperature variance is made feasible through semi-conducive technological systems. The consumption of electricity by the device is quite low helping the device to be more viable towards the end users as opposed to other stealth technological systems that fall short because of all-round viability.

Through this device, a lot of security disparity is attempted to be reduced. The company, after observing the success of the device, has laid down definite plans to develop the technology further in the coming years.




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