Coral Rasa: Marine Life Monitoring Device

Motorola’s Coral Rasa is an all-in-one marine life monitoring device to protect and monitor underwater marine life. Designed by Derek Bennion, Coral Rasa can be used to acquire invaluable information about changes in underwater ecosystem.

The device incorporates a camera, hydrophone, water tester, and coral bleaching monitor. The central unit can be placed inside a coral reef to monitor, record, and display information about various changes in the reef and indicate its present condition, thus increasing public awareness towards worsening condition of coral reefs around the world.

Coral Rasa

Some of the main features of Coral Casa are:

360 degree Camera: Records one hour of footage a day for 3 weeks, and broadcasts 8 hours of footage a day over the web.

Water Tester: Water samples are taken once every day for 3 weeks

Hydrophone: Picks up acoustics from the surrounding areas of coral reef and thus helps in determining the kind of species that are living in the area.

Coral Rasa

Coral Bleaching Alert: The thermochromic paint on the battery is sensitive to the coral bleaching process. The paint changes colour more sooner than the coral would. This helps in preparing and saving the coral from bleaching in a better way.

The audio and video recorded by the unit can either be viewed online or transferred into an embedded hard drive for later use.


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