The Beautiful World of the Caribbean Cruises

The Caribbean is a very popular oceanic exploring location and this is why many people want to experience the delights of voyaging through the Caribbean waters. In order to promote the interest of the people, many cruise liners carry out Caribbean cruises in the Caribbean Waters. With the help of these cruise liners, one can hope to enjoy the best possible cruises in the Caribbean islands.

Many options are available for interested tourists in terms of plans offered by Caribbean cruises. Tourists can opt for a Western Caribbean cruise, an Eastern Caribbean cruise, a Southern Caribbean cruise or a combination of all the three options. The Caribbean cruise line will cover that part of the geographic area of the Caribbean water, as the names suggest e.g. Western Caribbean cruise will include a voyage to the western part of the Caribbean sea and islands.

Caribbean Cruises
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To elaborate it further, the details of the areas covered up under each of the heads of the Caribbean cruises can be mentioned as follows:

  • Southern Cruises will include destinations like San Juan (Puerto Rico), St. Kitts and Nevis, Grenada and Aruba
  • Eastern Cruises include destinations like Fort Lauderdale (Florida), the Bahamas The Netherlands Antilles (St. Maarten) and the US Virgin Islands
  • The Combined Cruises have destinations like Cozumel (Mexico), Dominica, Martinique and the Bahamas
  • Western Cruises include places like Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and Cozumel (Mexico).

Some Caribbean cruise (The Princess Cruises) lines also offer what is known as the Grand Caribbean Cruise. It includes exotic destinations like Venezuela (Isla Margarita), St. Lucia, Trinidad, Bonaire, Barbados, the Grand Cayman and Aruba.

There are a number of tour choices also available to the interested tourists. Tourists can choose from a five-day tour to tours extending up to 20-days. In fact, voyaging in a Caribbean cruise line it can be said that the longer the duration of the tour, the better for the tourists. More coverage and more areas can be visited which is not possible in a Caribbean cruise of a shorter duration.

There are a lot of cruise liners that offer premium Caribbean cruise services. Some of the well-known and famous Caribbean cruise liners can be mentioned as follows:

  • The Royal Caribbean International
  • The Princess Cruises
  • The Crystal Cruises
  • The Cunard Cruise Line
  • The Oceania
  • The Regent Seven Seas Cruise
  • The Silversea

The Caribbean islands are known for their beautiful flora and fauna. Even the colour of the sea-water of the Caribbean is unique – turquoise or greenish blue. There are a few places which one compare to those beautiful locations that are seem on TV. However, there are some tourist places that cannot be explained by others. People have to view and experience it for themselves. A Caribbean cruise is one such experience. With the aid of the right Caribbean cruise line, a cruise traveller’s Caribbean visit will be more than what that person would have imagined.

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