Distinctive Ships of 2010 : Queen Elizabeth Cruise Ship

Last year’s October received its bequest when the Cunard Line flotilla introduced and launched the second largest ship it has ever engineered. The ocean liner was christened Queen Elizabeth in an extravagant ceremonial presided over by Her Majesty. The world welcomed her as Queen Elizabeth and it set out for her maiden voyage a day later to the Canary Islands home porting to Southampton.

As a tribute, named after the first original Queen Elizabeth of 1930s, this contemporary liner lives up to its call with the lavish edifice it has been given besides its environment friendly blueprint. With luxurious suites, relaxing, spacious balconies & lounges and most comfortable staterooms, the ornamentation and embellishment that has been strewn around is stupefying. A spa, theatre, games room, ballroom and a lounge underlining the attractions of the vessel, the persons riding along can indulge in fitness therapies, witness dramatic and musical performances, allure themselves onto the games deck, sophisticate their cruise experience at the Grills, attend themed balls and socialize in the Garden Lounge.

Divergent dining options are nothing new or surprising with the spread of restaurants that also include the cafés, courtyard and the bars and pub. Step onto the ninth deck for a treatment into the world of entertainment with daytime and evening activities including those for the children on the upper deck. Not having compromised on knowledge, this liner gives the passengers with the Cunard Insights and a Book Club.

The reality about the 106 feet high Queen Elizabeth, details the same by claiming to possess a speed of 23.7 knots. With a gross tonnage of 90,900 GRT, the guest capacity totals up to 2,068 along with 996 crew members. Impersonated by the Carnival Corporation & plc, this ocean liner was, last year, honored with the accolade of being the best ambassador at the UK cruise industry awards conducted annually.

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