Case Studies

Accidents At Sea: Falling Off Engine Room Staircase

Accidents at sea is a series wherein a number of real life accidents are described to make seafarers aware of various types of situations that can take place on board ships. Accidents at sea occur while working on ships mainly because of human negligence. One such human error has been described in this accident.

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Safety Drills on Ships : Hull Failure Scenario

Hull failure condition though not a very common thing in shipping should be tackled in an extremely smart and cautious way. In order to ensure this, hull failure scenarios are carried out on ships as a part of ship’s safety drills. We bring to you a free sample of hull faiture scenario.

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Reasons Behind the Collision of Cargo Vessels MSC Chitra and Khalijia

The August of 2010 saw the collision of two cargo ships MSC Chitra and MV Khalijia off the Mumbai coast. The collision resulted into spilling of containers and oil along the full coastline. MSC Chitra, which was carrying 1219 containers, 2662 tons of fuel, 283 tons of diesel, and 88040 litres of lubricating oil, capsized and sank into the sea, creating maximum damage to the area.

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