Real Life Incident: Finger Crushed While Operating Crane Jib

Two crew members were tasked to secure the hose handling crane jib in its cradle support. One crew operated the crane while the other signaled. As the crane jib was lowered, the signaller attempted to manually align the wooden block over the jib cradle support.

Finger Crushed
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He held the block and signaled to the operator to lower the jib. He did not notice that his own finger was positioned under the block. When the jib was lowered into position, his fingertip was crushed between the crane jib and the wooden block Immediate first aid was given and once in port, he visited a shore doctor for further treatment.

Lessons learned

  • Crane operations are inherently risky. Excellent communications and situational awareness are essential for everyone involved.
  • Crane operations need a dedicated crane operator and a dedicated signaller. If other manoeuvres are needed, a third person should be employed.


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