Real Life Incident: Cargo Block Opens

During various cargo operations, two different manoeuvres have recently caused close calls where the cargo hook and associated equipment have fallen free.

In one, the crane operator continued lowering even though the cargo block became snagged on a structural plate in the corner of the hatch coaming. This damaged the cargo block by opening the cheek plates and could have caused serious consequences.

In the other case, the crane operator swung the lift, which subsequently caused the cargo block to impact the cargo hold. This subjected the cargo block to excessive force and deformed the cheek plates.

cargo block opens


cargo block damage

Lessons learned

* The crane operator should always watch the cargo lift and loose gears carefully, and should not make contact with the hatch or other structures.

* Stevedores should always watch cargo and loose gears carefully during slinging work and crane operation.

* As an added safety measure, the manufacturer recommended reinforcing the block with plates and bolts:

renewed cargo

Reference & Image Credits: nautinst


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