Who is a Maritime Expert Witness?

A maritime expert witness is of utmost importance when it comes to maritime law. A maritime expert witness is generally a person who is proficient in all aspects of marine areas and whose opinion in a court of law is highly valued and counted for.

When it comes to maritime law, it has to be understood that the scope of maritime law is very vast. In fact, in certain areas the scope of maritime law might extend to several countries connected by a common expanse of ocean or sea. Moreover in matters relating to the oceans or seas, it so happens that witnesses cannot be expected to be present at the scene where an incident or accident has taken place. It’s only with the help of a maritime witness that maritime lawyers can seek to provide absolute and complete justice to their clients.

In cases relating to maritime accidents like ships colliding, oil spill accidents, contraband or smuggling problems involving two or more nations, aspects related to building of ships and naval vessels and any other event pertaining to marine areas, the help of a maritime expert witness is needed.

ship collusion

Maritime expert witnesses are known for their expertise because they can provide valuable help by just reconstructing points rather than be a physical witness to a said event or accident. It is this mental expertise that makes them as precious as a physical witness in the counterpart of maritime law.

A Maritime lawyer is the person who benefits the most with the help of a maritime expert witness. Considering that major areas of oceanic waters are inaccessible to common men, it becomes important that a marine law-court takes the aid of a maritime expert witness into consideration. Like in the oil spill in Louisiana, it would have been almost impossible for any common men to have noticed the oil spill promptly. Therefore in a marine law-court, experts are brought to state the case – either for or against and through their presentation of understanding the event or incident, correct judgment is provided.

Also, because maritime law involves the presence of so many different countries, it becomes important on the grounds of impartiality and fairness that a maritime lawyer employ the services of a maritime expert witness who will be able to provide expertise in the fairest of manner.

When it comes to shipping companies, it is important that the right kind of maritime witness is employed. Because when you take shipping companies, it is not just two business concerns involved, but also the matter of two separate nations also being involved. Therefore it becomes important that a very reliable maritime expert witness is chosen and that no party is victimized unnecessarily.

In today’s times employing a maritime expert witness is something that any dealing with maritime law needs to be done. This is because, a maritime expert witness offers not just expertise, but he also offers the guidance to go on the right path after understanding what the experts feel or think about any issue. Such guidance, in-turn helps not just maritime lawyers and their clients, but also justice to prevail rightfully in the end.

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