The Career of Boat Mechanic: A General Overview

Any kind of equipment requires maintenance and repairing. Boats are not exception to this unwritten rule. This is why the presence of a mechanic becomes necessary and vital to the overall operations of a boat. Considering the role and the scope of a boat mechanic, there are specific boat mechanic training provided to individuals interested in the profession.

When compared to the other professional courses available, the requirement for an applicant in terms of precedent educational qualifications is not much. But it cannot be used to infer that the boat mechanic training is inferior or derogatory. On the contrary, this becomes a challenge to excel in the training provided because the continuity of the boat’s operations depends on the mechanic.

Boat Mechanic
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In terms of a mechanic’s job role, the responsibility of a boat mechanic includes repairing, installation of required machinery and carrying out periodic upkeep of the boat. Certain boat mechanics are also called upon to carry out restoration work for boats to be kept as antique souvenirs in museums. The requirement of mechanics is felt in harbours – both publically and privately owned along with museums which keep boat antiques.

Boat Mechanic Requirements

  • An applicant has to have a high school certification in order to be eligible to apply for boat mechanic jobs. As regards subject requirements, math is a must for the interested students
  • Candidates need to be interested in the overall aspect of mechanics. Only then can they become proficient mechanics in spite of the training
  • The course duration is between a year and a year-and-a-half. In this time period, training about the engines, the overall electrical conduit structure, the boat start-up equipment, the hull and the transmittal structure – both inboard and outboard –is provided in the schools

The pay-scale of the engaged parties is placed at an average of US$ 33,000. The highest wage-rate commanded by a person in this profession is around US$ 50,000. In terms of available opportunities and existing professionals, in the United States alone, there are around 22,000 people who are involved in the career. However, according to statistics, the requirement of the professionals in this field is expected to rise in the coming two years which should provide an even further thrust to both the profession as well as the interested people.

Some of the premier universities and institutes which offer boat mechanic training can be listed as follows:

  • Lincoln Technical Institute: This is based in the United States with presence in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania
  • Penn Foster Career School
  • New England School of Technology

In addition to going to a boat mechanic school to obtain the necessary certification, it would be in the better interests of the individuals to obtain a scuba diving certificate. Such a certification will help the individual in case underwater maintenance is required to be carried out on the boat.

A job like that of a mechanic requires more of practicality than theoretical knowledge. This is why a boat mechanic school ensures more of practical based training than classroom studies. A student, with the right combination of interest, training and experience can become a highly sought professional in this fast-turning-competitive field.

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