How to Use “Google Alerts” to Find Maritime Jobs?

We assume that you are a fresh graduate, just out of a maritime academy, or an experienced maritime professional who is looking for a desperate change by finding a new job. You have already checked every website from the list of maritime job websites and have even posted your resume in each one of them. But we know that landing oneself a job is not an easy task, especially in this difficult economy. Moreover, keeping a constant watch on the latest job postings on all these maritime job sites can turn out to be a tedious task.

But as they say sometimes when you want something the most, there is no easy way out. The only way is to keep trying, hard and even harder. It may take few days, few weeks, or even few months to get a decent maritime job. However, if you carry out your job hunting smartly, you can reduce this time drastically.

Internet has made things extremely easy in almost all arenas, including the maritime jobs sector. In this article, we will learn about an unconventional way to keep yourself updated with the latest maritime job postings on the whole of world wide web, as and when it happens.

Google Alerts

Let’s find out how to use “Google Alerts” to find a maritime job.

Find the step-by-step procedure to set up Google Alert in your Gmail Account.

1. First and foremost thing you would need to set up google alert service is a gmail account. If you don’t have one, make one here – Free Gmail Account

2. Now go to Google Alerts and Sign in with your Gmail Username and Password.

Go to Google Alerts

Your Google Alert Page Would Look like this

Google Alerts


3. On the screen you will find 3 options to set-up. Select the three options as mentioned below:

  •  Type: Everything
  • How Often: As-it-happens
  • Volume: All results

Google Alerts


Google Alert Jobs

If you have logged in using your gmail username and password, the “Your Email” Option would reflect your email id.

4. Now in the top-most space, beside the “Preview Results”, put a keyword which would reflect the type of maritime jobs you are looking for. We would put a general term to get a wide range of results. For e.g. –“ Merchant Navy Jobs”

 After entering the appropriate keyword, hit “Preview Results”. You will get a preview on your right side.

Google Alert Job Marine



5. If you are satisfied with the keyword and the preview, hit “Create Alert”.  You will be taken to the list of your google alerts. You may create more alerts, by clicking “create a new alert”. Congratulations! You have just created your first google alert.

Google Alerts


6. Once done, your gmail account will start receiving updates of the latest job postings around the internet on various maritime job websites and forum boards.  (This might take from few minutes to few hours).

Below are some keywords you may use to generate alerts. You can generate as many keywords as you want.


  • Merchant navy jobs
  • Maritime jobs
  • Marine Engineering jobs
  • Deck Cadets Jobs
  • Deck officer Jobs
  • Ship’s Captain Jobs

Use your creativity with keywords and keep a watch on the type of alerts you receive. You can add or delete alerts according to your requirements.

Google Alerts is a useful tool not only to keep a track of various maritime jobs on the internet, but is also a great way to keep oneself updated with the latest maritime trends and news.

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