Yas: The Largest Motor Yacht of 2011

Motor yacht Yas is the largest yacht to be launched in 2011. The Yas – originally named Swift 141 – was put into active operation in the month of November 2011 by the ADM ship building conglomerate. The superyacht is regarded to be one of the most impressive and remarkable yachts that are in operation at present times.

Ranking sixth among the world’s biggest yachts, Yas is known for its construction, appearance and the feasibility it provides while cruising on water.

motor yacht Yas
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Re-modified from a former Dutch war vessel belonging to the 1970s, the features and specifications of the superyacht can be summarised as follows:

  • Both the inner and outer designing aspect of the yacht has been carried out by the well-known French designing company, Piereejan Design
  • Yas has a steel hull – remnants of the Dutch war vessel – and is built of special lighter materials and components. This allows the vessel to retain its speed even while being huger in terms of dimensions
  • The maximum speed offered by the vessel is 26 knots. However at full capacity, the vessel is capable of traversing at a speed of up to 23 knots with a marine ambit of about 5,000 nautical miles
  • Yas measures 141 metres lengthwise and 15 metres beam wise with a draft of 4.3 metres
  • The superyacht offers an accommodation for 60 voyagers and a crew of 56 members

Another very important feature of the yacht is the providing of uninterrupted across-the-ocean vista, accentuated by a covering-glass design, throughout the vessel. The super yacht is also equipped with state-of-the-art communication and navigation systems like Sonar, satellite communicators and a special navigation system to enable smooth traversing in case of daylight inadequacy.

Operated by two diesel engines each generating a power of 21,000 horse power (HP), the superyacht’s engines and fuel are environmentally sustainable. This uniqueness by the developers has led the vessel to be highly lauded in the international maritime domain.

Yas was accorded the name Swift 141 because of the vessel’s intended superiority in terms of speed. Equipped with dependability and class, the Yas superyacht is a vessel worth exploring – not just as an admirer but also a voyager.

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