Yacht + Plane: The Flying Trimaran Sailing Yacht Concept

Maritime technology has indeed come a long way. From wooden boats to massive multi-storey ships, design and technology in shipping has consistently evolved. However, now the industry seems to have taken a different course of evolution with vessels that can satisfy multiple purposes.

The flying trimaran sailing yacht concept by the designer Yelken Octuri is a design to drool over. It is a luxurious sailing yacht concept that can be transferred into a plane with the help of its four mobile masts, which can be retracted and lowered to become wings.

The propulsion in the “yacht mode” is done with the help of sails, whereas in the plane mode it is done by the engines. A doubt jack system allows individual controlling of each mast which ensures optimal positioning irrespective of wind and weather conditions.

The yacht is provided with two main decks, one half deck in the aft and another at the fore. The yacht features all the luxurious amenities that are available on any other conventional luxurious yacht.

The flying yacht has been designed for the corporate executives of the Masqat Airways, an air transport company.

Details of the Sailing Yacht Concept


Boat Mode:

  • Length: 46,2 metres
  • Width: 27 metres
  • Rigging: 4 masts
  • Height: 50,7 metres
  • Height of masts: 40,6 metres
  • Surface of the sails: 1302 m² (sails + masts surface)

Plane mode:


  • Wingspan: 90,4 metres
  • Height: 27,6 metres
  • Engines: “Nissen & Brasseur”
  • Engine power: 4 x 5400 ch
  • Maximum speed: 390 km/h

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Reference: octuri

Image Credits: instablogsimages, artisticthings, psipunk

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One Comment

  1. The flying trimaran / yacht concept shown must be a joke.It will not fly and it will not sail.
    The tandem wing system as shown will probably have pitch stability poblems of a catastophic nature due to the geometrical relationship of the forward wings and the aft wings giving aerodynamic interference.
    I take it that roll control is achieved through wing warping.Find out why this method of control has dissapeared.
    As a sailing trimaran the floats or “ama’s” are far to small, they lack the required bouyancy.
    Nice illustration though.

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