Motor Yacht A – Is this the Most Unconventional Yacht?

There could be no better description for the uniquely shaped Motor Yacht ‘A’. This luxury yacht has been given an identity of its own in its one-of-a-kind design featuring an upside down hull. While its structure would make heads turn, it would also make its counterparts shy away.

The yacht has been designed by Philippe Starck and built by Blohm+Voss. In 2008, this 119m, 5500 ton beauty was completed and launched into the waters to change the way world looked at yachts forever.

‘A’, the motor yacht is luxury redefined with her exceptional design that is an engineering wonder. But there are also other features that make it truly remarkable. To begin with, this luxury yacht flaunts three swimming pools, on board which have a capacity to create currents allowing people to swim against the current.

There are also two 11m tenders, the Open and the Limo models, both of which have also been designed by the yacht’s designer Philippe Starck. The name of the yacht- ‘A’ gives it a very enigmatic feel. In reality, the name of yacht is a tribute Andrey Melnichenko and his wife Serbian fashion model Aleksandra Nikolic. The yacht’s design and appeal to eyes certainly justifies the tribute.

Moving beyond the aesthetic appeal and luxury of ‘A’, the yacht also has excellent design in terms of space utilization to its credit. The interior of the ship has been intelligently designed to allow maximum space availability while accommodating many features.

A peaceful ambience, wooden furnishings and comfortable furniture have all been included in the yacht’s design. Additional features like glass roof looking up one of the swimming pools can also be found that add the ‘wow’ factor.

But that’s not even all about the yacht’s beauty. When in motion, this wonder can reach a speed of up to 23 knots with a range of 4250nm. Twin 6035hp MAN RK280 diesel engines are used to enable ‘A’ reach such speeds. Latest navigational tools and equipments have also been introduced on the yacht to make cruising on waters better than ever. Advanced stabilizers and bow thrusters have been incorporated into the design to ensure just that.

This yacht offers an unmatched sense of style, comfort, luxury and efficiency. Its luxury can be enjoyed by up to 14 guests at one time, being looked after by a crew of 37. So if you are up for a little indulgence, ‘A’ is ready for you.

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  1. There was a slight error in the movie above.
    “A” has a fuel capacity of 199,999 gallons
    of fuel (marine gas oil), this translates to
    about 525 metric tons. At today’s prices
    (US $ 1,100 per Metric Ton) it would cost
    about US $ 57,860 to fill her up. not
    US $ 597,997.10 as the movie states.

  2. @ Steve

    That’s an important observation as fuel cost is the biggest contributor of any vessel’s operation cost.
    Thanks for the correction.

  3. Thank you Anish. If you are to believe the range of 4,250 miles, yes, fuel would be the biggest running cost. If she’s doing 23 knots, that 552 miles per day or 7.7 days before she runs out of fuel.. that works out to about US $7,500 per day for fuel expense. If the owner is paying is crew a decent wage, say US $200 per day, that would be another $7,500 per day. But if you’re the owner’s accountant, I believe they’d depreciate the US $ 300 Million over 15 years which works out to about US 55,000 per day.

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