10 Best Handheld Wind Meters You Can Buy

Sailing can be enjoyable only when you know the conditions you will face, the primary among them being the wind speed. The wind speed can determine the size of the waves as well as the water’s current direction.

To track the wind speed, you need a reliable handheld wind meter. The list of ten best handheld wind meters below consists of only the best. Before that, however, it is time to understand how to judge these handheld wind meters.

What should you know when buying a handheld wind meter?

Compare the handheld wind meters below on parameters like

Even though you are buying one for measuring the wind speed, it is a good idea to get one that can measure temperature, wind chill, and other parameters.

Apart from the parameters measured, you have to look at the unit options and whether the meter offers you average, real-time, or maximum readings. The more reading units and measurements the wind meter offers, the better it is.

Portability: The reason you’re looking for a handheld one is portability. You have to look at the size of the wind meter. Apart from that, ensure that it is lightweight to hold in your hands without any fatigue.

Accessories: Handheld wind meters are battery-operated. Consequently, the most basic accessory that the handheld wind meter needs are the batteries. If it comes with a case, pouch, or lanyard, that is a plus. While these accessories might not be necessary, they make it easier to use the wind meter.

Accuracy: No point in buying a wind meter if it isn’t accurate. The deviation in the wind meter readings should be +-5% at max. That way, you can gauge the atmospheric conditions and plan your sailing trip accordingly.

Display: Let’s say the wind meter measures conditions accurately, but if the display isn’t easy to read or very small, consistently using the wind meter will be problematic. Choose a wind meter with a large display, especially a backlit one. Even in low light conditions, you can use the wind meter.

Best handheld wind meter

It is time to look at the ten best wind meters you can buy.

1. TopTes TS-301 Digital Anemometer:


TopTes TS-301 Digital Anemometer, Wind Speed Meter with 2.26-inch Big Backlight LCD Screen, Air Flow Meter for Sailing Surfing Drone Flying RC Plane Golf Shooting HVAC
  • 【Easy to Read with 2.26" LCD Backlit Screen】The TopTes Anemometer features a large 2.26" LCD screen for easy readings. This handheld wind meter is ideal for outdoor activities like sailing, windsurfing, drone flying, kite flying, boating, frisbee, golf, shooting, and more. Use it to determine local weather conditions and assess wind speed's potential impact on your activities
  • 【Anemometer with 6 Measuring Units】This wind speed measuring device is equipped with easily-rotatable fan blades and measures wind velocity in 6 units: * Feet per minute (ft/m) * Feet per second (ft/s) * Miles per hour (mph) * Knots (knots )* Kilometers per hour (km/h) * Meters per second (m/s) * Value of wind velocity x10. Use it to assess indoor airflow in settings like HVAC, vents, dust collectors, heat registers, etc.
  • 【Wind Humidity & Wind Temperature】The TS-301 wind speed meter is equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor that allows for measuring wind humidity and temperature readings. The relative humidity measuring range is 0.0%~99.9%RH, with an accuracy of ±5.0%RH when 20%~80%RH. The temperature measuring range is -4.0°F to 140.0°F, with an accuracy of ±2.0℉ when 32℉ to 113℉. Please note that it may take at least 30 minutes for the temperature and humidity sensors to adjust to the new environment
  • 【Lightweight, Easy to Use】This lightweight and user-friendly anemometer is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. It's easy to hold and operate with one hand, and its compact size allows for convenient pocket storage during activities like hiking, biking, and running. Plus, the TS-301 wind gauge conserves energy by automatically shutting down after 10 minutes of non-use
  • 【What's in the Box】1x TS-301 Digital Anemometer, 3x AAA Batteries, 1x User Manual, 1x Carry Pouch. TopTes Wind Speed Meter comes with a 3-year warranty and lifetime technical support. Contact us with any questions or concerns

The compact design of this wind meter helps you carry and use it on the seas.

The 2.26-inch LCD screen and the backlight, and six different measuring unit options, help measure wind speed, temperature, and humidity.

With this wind meter, you get three AAA batteries, one carry pouch, and a detailed user manual.

You can use it while sailing, flying drones, shooting, and even playing golf, making it versatile.

The simplistic design, high accuracy, and excellent usability make it one of the best handheld wind meters.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Large screen
  • Provides additional information
  • Comes with accessories
  • Extremely versatile/li>


  • Temperature reading is a bit delayed.

2. Protmex Wind Speed Meter:

Protmex Wind Speed Meter, 6 Wind Speed Units Selection Anemometer with Large LCD Screen, Wind Speed Temperature Humidity Measuring, MAX/MIN/AVG, Data Hold, ℃/℉, Backlight, Auto-Off Functions CFM Meter
  • ANEMOMETER HANDHELD WITH 2.26" BACKLIT SCREEN: The Protmex anemometer with large 2.26" LCD display for easy reading, which can meet the needs of a wide range of consumers. This wind gauge outdoor is perfect for outdoor activities such as drone flying, golf, kite flying, Frisbee, windsurfing, shooting, and more. Use it to determine weather conditions and assess the potential impact of wind speed on your activities
  • PROFESSIONAL ACCURATE ANEMOMETER: Protmex HT605 wind speed measuring device with 2 temperature sensors and 8 vanes, which makes the wind meter very sensitive to measure very low air flows that can accurately measure air speed in 6 units: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, ft/s, mile/h
  • AFFORDABLE 3-IN-1 HT605 ANEMOMETER HUMIDITY METER: The wind speed meter for measuring wind speed range 0.5~30 m/s(+/- 2% of readings); Wind temperature -20~60℃, -4℉-140℉(+/-0.2℃,32.56℉); Wind humidity 20%-80% RH(+/-0.2%RH). Please note that it may take at least 30 minutes for the temperature and humidity sensors to adjust to the new environment
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL HANDHELD ANEMOMETER: The Protmex portable anemometers have the functions of reading holding, maximum/minimum/average value, with large-screen LCD and backlight, auto-off, multi-unit switching, and other functions
  • PROTMEX 24/7 SUPPORT: We provide 12 monthly quality guarantee. The Protmex support team is able to respond to your questions and requests within 24 hours. If you are not satisfied with the product, please feel free to consult for help

This wind speed meter helps you measure temperature, humidity, and wind speed. The concise display displays all three readings together. Changing the units of every reading is possible and easy.

The auto-shutdown mechanism helps save battery. The 8 vanes and two temperature sensors provide it excellent accuracy. The Protmex Wind Speed Meter delivers on every parameter.


  • Helps you measure three different parameters
  • Large LCD screen
  • Backlit design
  • Fast readings


  • Limited instructions

3. BTMETER BT-100 Handheld Anemometer:

BTMETER BT-100 Handheld Anemometer, Digital Wind Speed CFM Meter Gauge Air Flow Velocity Tester for HVAC Shooting Drone, Wind Chill, 14℉-113℉ Wind Temperature
  • 【Multifunction Pro Anemometer】Wind Speed, Wind Temperature, Wind Chill, Low battery indicator on bright backlit LCD screen. BT-100 is a portable wind speed guages can accurately measure air speed in 5 units: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mph. Wind Temp in ℃/℉(Degree Celsius/Fahrenheit)
  • 【Accurate Wind Meter】Wind Speed Meter for measuring wind speed range 0.67~67.1 mph(+/- 2% of readings), Wind temperature -10~60℃,14℉-113℉(+/-2℃,35.6℉); Resolution 0.1m/s; 0.2℃. 2 temp sensors and 8 vanes makes this air velocity meter is sensitive to measure very low air flow in HVAC installation, duct vent. A good helper in CFM calculation. 💖Air Flow in CFM (Q)=Wind speed(V) x Duct Cross Sectional Area(A)💖
  • 【Tripod Hole for Mounting】There’s a metal threaded hole on the bottom of the digital anemometer, so you can fix it on a tripod for continuous wind guages. To set your hands free when you fly drones, rc planes, wings, helicopters and quads, long distance shooting.
  • 【Anemometer Case Included】It's a light weight, pocket size airspeed Meter, portable for you and your family to measure outside for outdoor activities, such as: shooting,Boat Sailing, Kite flying, Climbing, Drone driving etc.
  • 【Easy to Use 】Manual / Auto Power OFF optional, Back Light Screen to let you see clear even in dark. 2x1.5V AAA batteries included to get you started when you receive the wind tester. Add to Cart, Buy it, Use it, for any quality problems, we’ll replace you.

Convenience is the reason why BTMETER BT-100 Handheld Anemometer is on our list. It is compatible with tripods and includes a lanyard. It helps measure wind speed, temperature, and chill, resulting in better decision-making while sailing. 5 different unit options serve you well.

The lanyard aids portability. A backlit display makes reading the screen easy. These features make BTMETER BT-100 Handheld Anemometer worth a buy.


  • Easy to use
  • Helps you measure three parameters
  • Backlit screen
  • Five different unit options


  • Button design can be better

4. HoldPeak 866B Digital Anemometer:

HoldPeak 866B Digital Anemometer Handheld Wind Speed Meter for Measuring Wind Speed, Temperature and Wind Chill with Backlight and Max/Min
  • ✔️Highly Accurate Wind Meter- Thanks to the sensitive dual temp sensors, 8 vanes, smooth fan shaft, the HoldPeak 866B Anemometer can accurately detect wind speed, wind chill and temp. And this digital anemometer has a wind speed measurement range of 0.67~67.1 mph(+/- 2% of readings), Which can help you monitor wind conditions in real time.
  • ✔️Professional & Multifunctional - This Pro wind speed meter has functions such as: unit switching of wind speed(m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mph) and wind temp(℃,℉), Max/Min/Average Wind Speed, battery level display, auto off, backlight, etc. Which can meet various measuring demands.
  • ✔️With Tripod Hole & Hand Strap - Our handheld anemometer has a tripod hole that allows you to free your hands while measuring. It also comes with a hand strap, which prevents it from being dropped or lost. This ensures every shooting, sailing, or drone flying safer and more enjoyable.
  • ✔️Lightweight with Carrying Bag - This lightweight and user-friendly anemometer is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. And it comes with a waterproof carrying pouch that allows you to carry and protect the device better during outdoor activities.
  • ✔️Wide Applications - This handheld wind meter is ideal for outdoor activities like surfing, drone flying, kite flying, boating, golf, etc. And it is sensitive to measure very low air flow in HVAC installation, duct vent. Which can be a good helper in CFM calculation. You can simply calculate the CFM: Air Flow in CFM =Wind speed x Duct Cross Sectional Area.

The ABS construction of this meter makes it sturdy. An accuracy of +5% makes it reliable. A weight of 200 grams won’t bother you much, either.

It measures wind speed, temperature, and wind chill. Units can be changed as per preference. In terms of accessories, you get batteries, a screwdriver, and a lanyard. Sturdy construction is its USP.


  • Sturdy ABS construction
  • Numerous unit options
  • Includes necessary accessories
  • Measures 3 parameters


  • Susceptible to dust collection

5. Kestrel 2000 Pocket Wind And Temperature Meter:

Kestrel 2000 Pocket Wind And Temperature Meter / Digital Thermo Anemometer
  • Accurate, rugged handheld wind /airflow meter with large, replaceable impeller and responsive temperature sensor
  • Measures and displays maximum, current and average wind speed, wind chill and air/snow/water temperature (°F, °C) on large, clear LCD
  • Waterproof (IP-67), floats, drop-tested to military standards (MIL-STD-810G), patented
  • Includes slip-on protective cover, neck lanyard, CR2032 coin cell battery and 5-year warranty
  • Used in research, education, snow sports, kite boarding, agricultural spraying, livestock temperature monitoring, crop harvesting and more

How about a waterproof and floatable wind meter?

The IP67-rated design helps it resist water. The slip-on protective cover, along with the neck lanyard, helps you keep it nearby. The drop-tested design speaks volumes about its ruggedness.

It helps you measure average wind speed, current, wind chill, and temperature. The backlit display and data hold function help you observe measurements and make decisions accordingly. The rugged construction is what makes this handheld wind meter so special.


  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Extremely versatile
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Comes with a slip-on cover and lanyard


  • Lanyard design can be better

6. NICE-POWER Handheld Anemometer:

NICE-POWER Anemometer Handheld, Vane Wind Speed Meter for Measuring Wind Speed Temperature Wind Chill and Air Volume, Wind Speed Gauge Tester for Havc Drone Sailing Fishing(Accuracy ±5%)
  • ▲ 4-IN-1 HANDHELD ANEMOMETER - Professional measurement of wind speed, wind temperature, air volume, wind chill(< 0°C will display), Max/Min/Average/Current wind speed measurement; 5 wind speed units m/s, ft/min, knots, km/hr, mph; 10 minutes without operation Automatic shutdown; The data hold and LCD backlight function make recording data easier.
  • ▲ HIGH PRECISION WIND SPEED METER - The anemometer measures wind speed in the range of 0~30m/s (0~65 mph) (accuracy ±5%), wind temperature -10°C ~45°C/ 14°F ~ 113°F (± 2°C, ±3.6°F), resolution 0.01m/s; Sensitive temperature sensor (NTC) and 8 vanes greatly improve the measurement accuracy.
  • ▲ MULTIPURPOSE ANEMOMETER - Ideal for commercial and home use. Such as drones, HVAC, sailing, shooting, kite flying and fan wind speed testing, knowing the weather forecast ahead of time to plan travel. Perfect for pilots, engineers, captains, sailors and others interested in weather.
  • ▲ USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN - The LED flashlight function can get accurate readings at night or in poor light environments; The anemometer handle is ergonomically designed for non-slip and comfortable grip. Put it in a backpack or hang it around your neck to free up your hands when not in use.
  • ▲ EASY TO USE & 12 MONTH WARRANTY - The anemometer is easy to use without complicated steps. The package includes anemometer*1, 9V battery*1, English user manual*1, lanyard*1, Carrying pouch*1; 100% quality assurance If you have any questions about our wind speed meter, please feel free to contact us.

The 4-in-1 design of this wind meter makes it unique. It measures wind speed, air volume, chill, and temperature. Numerous unit options add to the convenience. The ten-minute shutdown mechanism prolongs battery life. LCD backlit display aids usage in low light conditions.

The accuracy of +-5% makes it reliable. You can use it while sailing, flying a drone, or shooting. The included case and batteries complete the package. It is worth a buy because of the 4-in-1 design.


  • Extremely accurate
  • Comes with necessary accessories
  • 4-in-1 design
  • Backlit display


  • Case design can be improved

7. AIOMEST Bluetooth Digital Anemometer:

AIOMEST Digital Anemometer, AI-100APP Handheld Wind Speed Meter for Air Flow Velocity Wind Temperature Wind Chill Gauge Tester, with Data Logging Can be Connected to Phone APP
  • ➤【Remotely Airflow Balancing】This wind meter can connect with your cellphone/ tablet app via Bluetooth, allows you take wind velocity temperature readings remotely. Which means you can control the system settings while remotely compare the airflow output of different duct vent, and balancing the HVAC system accordingly.
  • ➤【Handheld Wind Speed Meter】Accurately measures air speed 0.3~67.1 mph (+/- 5% of readings) in 5 units: m/s, ft/min, Knots, Km/hr, Mph; Wind temperature -10~45℃,14℉-113℉(+/-2℃,35.6℉); Wind Chill display. 2 temp sensors & 8 vanes makes this anemometer sensitive to pickup low airflow, and get accurate wind temp measurement quickly.
  • ➤【Wireless Bluetooth Anemometer】AN-100APP digital wind gauge functions with Bluetooth connect with you ios/ Android phone, tablet in 32.8 ft/10m. Tripod Mountable for continuous wind measurement logging, export for analysis. APP can easily download on Google Play / App Store, named "intelligent anemometer".
  • ➤【Multifunctional Wind Meter Gauge】Max/Min/Average wind speed measuring mode helps you know about the wind peak, average wind speed output. Beaufort wind scale : 0 ~ 12 to let you keep track of current wind speed level for sailing. Backlight screen and low battery reminder.
  • ➤【12 Months Warranty】It’s a palm size portable wind speed meter gauge for outdoor indoor wind measurement, such as: boat sailing, sky surfing, long distance shooting, drone flight, duct, vent, etc. For any quality problem, we’ll replace or refund you.

How about a wind meter that can display data on your smartphone?

With Bluetooth compatibility, this wind meter can do so. Smartphone app compatibility makes remote monitoring possible. The accuracy of +-5% makes it worthy of a buy. Wind speed and temperature readings are accurate because of the two temperature sensors and 8 vanes.

Complete details for downloading the app from the Google Play app store are included. Bluetooth compatibility and accessories like batteries, USB cables, and USB-to-car chargers make it a worthy buy.


  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Extremely accurate
  • Remote monitoring possible
  • Includes accessories


  • Bluetooth pairing is a bit delayed

8. XRCLIF Digital Wind Speed Meter:

Digital Wind Speed Meter Anemometer Handheld Wind Gauges Air Flow Velocity Meter for Measuring Wind Chill Temperature Speed, Wind Meter Thermometer Gauge for Shooting Windsurfing Fishing Hunting
  • MULTIFUNCTION WIND METER: designed to measure wind speed (<30 m/s, 5860 ft/min, 55 knots, 90 km/hr, 65 mph) with 12 level beaufort scales, and detect air temperature ( 14°F and 113°F), easy to switch ℃/℉ units by press the button with no tools, support wind chill indication, display Max/ Average/ Current air velocity on LCD screen in real time, more convenient than 2 buttons anemometer
  • EASY TO INSTALL BATTERY & USE: Remove off the yellow rubber protector cover, then open the battery door, it's more easier than other wind meter gauge. Put a CR2032 battery (included), turn on windspeed anemometer by press “Mode” for 2s to measure wind and analyze environment to do activities
  • BACKLIGHT& AUTO/MANUAL SHUTDOWN: Press any keys to active the wind anemometer’s backlight last for 12 seconds, convenient to read at dark place, press “Mode” + “SET” simultaneously to turn off the wind meter, or no operation for 14 minutes it will auto shutoff
  • MULTIPURPOSE WIND DETECTOR: This digital wind speed anemometer is perfect for industrial and home purposes, like measuring speed of HVAC velometer,air conditioner and temperature of CPU. The mini anemometer for sailing, shooting, hang-gliding, drone wind speed test, or power and manufacture industrial.
  • HANDHELD ANEMOMETER: Wind speed thermometer is compact and light design, small enough to put into pockets, easy to carry and operation. Hand size wind speed tester with simple but detailed manual. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you meet any question

With 12 level scale and temperature detection, this wind meter certainly stands out. Easy switching between units and a large LCD adds to the functionality.

Small and portable help you carry it around. The auto/manual shutdown mechanism helps save battery life. The backlit display allows use in low-light conditions.

The accuracy of this wind meter, along with the large display, helps it stand out.


  • Auto/manual shutdown mechanism
  • Backlit display
  • Large LCD to monitor readings
  • Excellent accuracy


  • Included lanyard can be longer

9. Lttsoyh Anemometer Handheld:

Amgaze Anemometer Handheld, Digital LCD Backlight Wind Speed Meter Gauge, Light Weight Air Flow Velocity Measurement Thermometer for Meteorology, Windsurfing, Kite Flying, Sailboats, Surfing,Fishing
  • ◀【LCD DIGITAL ANEMOMETERS WIND SPEED METER】Easy one-handed design. Use to Measure Wind Speed and Temperature. PLEASE bought from VERMODA to ensure to get THE RIGHT PRODUCT AND ALL CONTENTS stated in this page
  • ◀【WIDE APPLICATION】 This Digital Anemometer is ideal for outdoor activities such as Drone wind speed test, Sailing, Hang-gliding, Shooting, HVAC Duct Airflow and Fan Manufacturing and also ideal for educational instruments
  • ◀【MULTIFUNCTIONAL ANEMOMETERS】 Wind speed, temperature and wind chill shown in one LCD display. 5 units of measuring wind speed: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mph
  • ◀【MORE FUNCTIONS THAN OTHER ANEMOMETERS】 Speed range: 0-30m/s. High precision pressure sensor, accuracy:±5%. Temperature display in °C/°F. 3 modes( Maximum/Average/ Current wind speed). LCD display with backlight, easy to read in outdoor (DO NOT measure CFM directly)
  • ◀ 【MONEY BACK GUARANFEE】For customer who bought from VERMODA shop, we provide 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee for any reason without return and 1 Year Warranty. Please contact us with E-mail for replacement and refund: vermodaservices@gmail.com

Do you prefer a lighter wind meter?

With a weight of 0.14 lbs, this wind meter meets that requirement. Consequently, the applications of this wind meter include sailing, hang-gliding, and shooting. A yellow protective case and a lanyard help you keep it safe and handy.

Different unit options and large LCD make it easy to use. The precision sensor provides accurate readings. The compact but sturdy design certainly helps it stand out.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Sturdy design
  • Versatile
  • Precision sensor


  • Button design can be better

10. Kethvoz Handheld Wind Tester:

Mini Anemometer Digital Wind Speed Meter, Kethvoz Handheld Wind Tester Measure Windspeed Check Air Velocity Temperature for Hunting Windsurfing Sailing Shooting Drone Outdoor Activities 816B
  • 💖【Pocket Anemometer】Portable wind measuring device to test air flow speed 0.3~30m/s or 59~5905 ft/min in high accuracy ±5% of reading; Temperature -10℃~45℃ with accuracy of ±2℃).
  • 💖【Practical Wind Monitor】Supports 3 windspeed measurement mode( Max / Average / Real-time), manual/auto power off, low battery indicator, 5 wind speed unit options (m/s,Ft/min,Knots, Km/hr, Mph); Temperature Celsius & Fahrenheit switchable
  • 💖【Easy to Use】 Simple operation design to make every wind measurement easy.Backlit LCD Screen, display the wind speed reading clearly even in dark.Ideal household wind gauge to measure air blower, temperature of CPU computer fans,balance air vent and dust collection system.
  • 💖【Compact Wind Speed Gauge】53g lightweight and 113 x 40 x 15mm compact design, so you could take it for every outdoor activities to check the wind freely, like drone flying, shooting, sailing, mountain climbing measurement, as well as electrical equipment testing, HVAC and AC air conditioner maintenance.
  • 💖【Guaranteed Anemometer】Digital wind measurer KE-816B with 1*3V(CR2032) battery included. Comes with 180 days warranty and lifetime technical support. We’re always here to offer you professional service 🙂

Three wind speed measurements (average/real-time/maximum) and five different units make this wind meter a good buy. Features like manual/auto shutdown low battery indicator further add to the convenience.

A weight of 53 g, a large backlit display, a lanyard, and a rugged case make it reliable and multifunctional. The lightweight design and customization options make this wind meter a good choice.


  • Three different wind speed measurements
  • Different unit options are available
  • Backlit display
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Instructions can be more descriptive

You no longer need to assume wind speed or other atmospheric conditions. Simply go with any of the above handheld wind meters, and make your sailing trip comfortable and predictable.

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