Bhuvan Jha

Bhuvan Jha

Bhuvan Jha is a second officer sailing with Seaspan Ship Management. A new columnist, he loves photography and sailing. Bhuvan also holds a degree in MBA from Middlesex University, London and has a great inclination towards writing.
Umm Qasr Port
Maritime Law

5 Major Ports In Iraq

Positioned in West Asia, Iraq is a decent economy with enormous potential. Let’s take a look at the 5 major ports of Iraq.

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Mast and Funnel Deck

Different Parts Of A Ship Explained

A ship is like a floating city comprising of different parts. Let’s take a look at all the important parts of a general sea-going ship along with their importance and functionality.

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what are container ships
Types of Ships

What are Container Ships – History, Types And Design

As the name suggests, a vessel structured specifically to hold huge quantities of cargo compacted in different types of containers is referred to as a container vessel (ship). The process of sending cargo in containers is known as containerization.

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