The Ultimate Guide to Deck Machinery Procedures and Operations

(With Real Life Incidences)

 The Ultimate Guide to Deck Machinery Procedures and Operations (With Real Life Incidences) 

A deck officer on board ship is responsible for a number of important jobs, apart from handling ship’s navigation. From monitoringebook deck operations loading and discharging of the cargo to maintenance and primary upkeep of the ship, deck officers perform some of the most vital operations which allow smooth operation of the ship.

No matter what type of ship you are working on, as a “deck officer” or “mate” it’s your primary duty to ensure that proper procedures and safe working practices are followed while carrying out master’s order.

Needless to say, working as a deck officer on ships is not an easy job. Sometimes you are required to handle a number of jobs simultaneously whereas other times you might have to face unexpected dangerous emergencies. Whatever the situation, you being a responsible deck officer are required to be thoroughly prepared to ensure minimum risk to the ship and its crew.

Considering the above mentioned points, along with a number of queries we have received over the past years, Marine Insight has introduced the eBook- The Ultimate Guide to Deck Operations and Procedures to help deck officer and crew members in carrying out all the important deck jobs with utmost ease and safety.

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What will you learn in the eBook?

Part -I – Deck Machinery Operating Procedures

  • Bow thruster
  • Steering gear
  • Ballast system
  • Mooring winches
  • Anchor windlass
  • Hydro-blaster
  • Lifeboat launching
  • Life raft launching
  • Rescue boat launching

Part -II General Deck Operations

  • Port watch procedure
  • Ship’s lookout procedure
  • Entries in the bridge log
  • Anchoring operation
  • Pilotage operation
  • Deck crane / Lifting operation
  • Painting and Chipping

  • Working Aloft
  • Mooring Operation
  • Helicopter Operation

Part III – Emergency Preparation 

  • Cold weather preperation
  • Rough weather preparation
  • Pirate zone preparation
  • Oil pollution preparation

Part IV – Emergency Operations

  • Grounding/Flooding/Collision
  • Oil Spill on Ships
  • Pirate Attack
  • Emergency/ Crash Maneuvering
  • Emergency Steering
  • Beaching
  • Abandon Ship
  • Emergency Towing Operation

Along with the procedures and guidelines mentioned above, each part of the eBook is illustrated with “Real Life Incidences” which are faced on ships by real, working deck officers. These real-life happenings further help in understanding deck operations in correct and practical manner.

If you are a deck officer working on ships or are studying to become one, then you must be aware of the nitty-gritty involved with deck and cargo operations. While performing duties such as standing watch for navigation and security, operating and maintaining deck equipment systems, and handling lines to secure vessels to piers or other vessels, a deck officer needs to follow step-by-step procedures in order to avoid risk to the ship and his life. Thus, following safe working procedures is a must while handling deck operations and that is exactly what this eBook provides

abhishek b“This eBook has been long awaited by seafarers. Finally, hands-on experience of the best from the maritime industry come assimilated in one book. The handy format and the precise content are the promising features, which make this e book efficacious for all my fellow seafarers including myself, who on numerous occasions have felt the need for an expert’s advice and righteous guidance. The elaborations in this book are exactly what a seafarer looks for. A must read and keep for all those who are a part of the maritime industry. ”                                                    – Abhishek Bhanawat, Chief Officer, Seaarland Ship Management

What kind of questions will be answered in this eBook?

  •  Starting and stopping deck machinery such as bow thruster, steering gear, ballast system, mooring winches, anchor ebook deckwindlass, hydro-blaster, lifeboats, and life rafts
  • How to carry out a safe port watch?
  • What is the importance of ship’s lookout and what are his duties?
  • What are entries are to be made in ship’s log-book?
  • What are the important guidelines to carry out anchoring procedure safely and smoothly?
  • What are the different methods for anchoring ships?
  • How to carry out pilotage operation?
  • What all things should be taken into consideration while handling a deck crane/ lifting operation?
  • What safety measures should be taken while working aloft?
  • How to perform a safe mooring operation? What are snap-back zone and rope bight?
  • How to avoid accidents during mooring operations?
  • How to prepare your ship before entering cold weather area?
  • How to prepare your ship for rough weather?
  • How to prepare your ship for piracy affected area?
  • How to stay prepared and alert for oil pollution accidents?
  • How to handle an oil spill on ships?
  • What to do when your ship is attached by pirates?
  • What is emergency/ crash maneuvering and how to prepare for one?
  • How to perform emergency steering operation?
  • What is beaching?
  • How to perform abandon ship operation with different means?
And many more…

karan chopraThis book not only provides the essential knowledge to handle deck operations in a more efficient way but also offers real-life scenarios that describe common methodology and mistakes that are prevalent on board ships. This is a must-have book for deck officers and crew members working at sea. Don’t miss the real life incidences contributed by professionals working at sea.

- Karan Chopra, Ex- 2nd Officer/ Maritime Writer

The Ultimate Guide to Deck Machinery and Operations is an important guide for all sea-going deck officers and for students who are studying safe navigation of ships and management of deck department. This essential eBook features great practical insights and knowledge for safe working on board ships. It not only helps deck officers to understand the deck operations but also provide essential tips to prevent hazards and accidents. 

Being a marine engineer on board ships, I have often seen deck officers struggling with the technical aspects of deck machinery systems. While it is not important for them to understand the mechanism behind the system in details, it is imperative to have the basic knowledge and understanding for handling such machinery. At Marine Insight, we receive a number of queries each day regarding deck operations and procedures. This eBook is the answer to all those questions!  – Anish Wankhede, 2nd Engineer, MSC


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