The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operations for Tankers

A Practical Guide for Deck Officers to Understand Cargo Handling Operations on Tankers

Handling cargo operations is one of the most crucial tasks for deck officers working on tanker ships. As most of the tankers carry hazardous and highly flammable cargo, the amount of risk to the ship and crew members working on board is extremely high.cargo operations for tanker

Stringent regulations have already been implemented in order to improve the safety of tankers at sea. However, as most of the accidents on ships happen because of human error, officers handling cargo need to be extremely knowledgeable and rightly trained.

When it comes to handling cargo operations on tankers, there is a lot to be taken care of. Deck officers are responsible for carrying out several operations simultaneously and ensuring that all safety precautions are taken for handling the same. Needless to say, the cargo operation procedure is a daunting task with no room for error.

If you are a deck officer working on tankers or are looking forward to a career as one, understanding cargo operations is as important for your as learning ship navigation. It is imperative not only learn about the equipment and systems provided to handle cargo but also ensure that they are operated properly following step-by-step procedures and guidelines provided by the company.

The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operations for Tankers offers a comprehensive explanation of all operations that are required to handle cargo on tanker ships. The guide features real life incidences and expert tips to help you understand each cargo handling operation with practical solutions. This guide is must-read for not only those who are working on tankers but also for those who wants to understand how dangerous cargo is transported by tanker ships.

For just $9.95 , learn and master the cargo operations on tankers.


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What you will learn in the eBook?

The eBook includes procedures and guidelines for the following operations:

  1. Port Arrival Preparation
  2. Ship/Shore Safety Meeting
  3. Cargo Loading Procedure
  4. Cargo Unloading Procedure
  5. Stripping
  6. Ballasting & Deballasting
  7. Inerting
  8. Purging
  9. Gas Freeing
  10. Crude Oil Washing
  11. Tank Cleaning
  12. Pressure Testing of Cargo and Ballast Lines
  13. Brake Testing of Mooring Winches
  14. Emergency Inerting
With several years of experiences working on tankers as a deck officer, I have come across numerous incidences which have helped me learn how to carry out cargo safely and efficiently. The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operations for deck officerTankers is great compilation of important guidelines, tricks of the trade, expert advice, and real life incidences which I have have gathered from my own experiences while working on tankers. If you are keen on understanding how cargo operations are carried out on tankers, this handy guide will provide you with all that is needed to learn.  Without doubt, this is a must-have for all deck officers and crew members who are involved with handling tanker operations.
Abhishek Bhanawat, Chief Officer, Seaarland Ship Management
For just $9.95, learn and master the cargo operations on tankers.

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The eBooks published by Marine Insight are proving quintessential in training seafarers. The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operations for Tankers can be pivotal in rightfully training novices and further enlightening those who are already in tanker trade. The Tricks of the trade and Expert’s tips provided in this eBook will be guiding officers and crew towards carrying out operations on board tankers efficiently and safely.

–          Capt. Swapnil Hemchandra Dhamankar, Marine Superintendent – Corporate Compliance , Fleet Management

Cargo handling on tankers require deck officers to follow a step-by-step approach in order to avoid any kind of mistake, which can compromise the safety of  the ship, its crew, and the marine environment. This guide features a great blend of systematic cargo operation procedures, real life incidences of tankers, and practical advises contributed by experienced deck officers working on tankers.

Some of the common question that would be answered in the eBook

  • What precautions are taken while preparing the ship for entering a port?
  • What happens in ship-shore safety meeting?
  • What happens to cargo operation during bad weather?
  • How cargo loading and unloading procedures are carried out?
  • What happens when a sample bottle gets stuck inside the pump casing?
  • How to start a portable Framo pump?
  • How to carry out stripping?
  • How is ballasting and de-ballasting carried out on tankers?
  • How to carry out inerting, puging, and gas freeing?
  • How to do pressure testing of cargo and ballast lines?
  • How to carry out cargo tank cleaning process?
  • How to do break testing of mooring winches?
  • How to perform emergency inerting process?

This guide proves to be very useful for tanker hands, especially for those who are looking forward to make a career both offshore and ashore in tanker industry. The expert’s advise and tricks of the trade will be of great importance in day to day tanker operations.

–          Manumaan Singh , Chief Officer , British Petroleum

 All shipping companies desire minimum berth time with hassle-free cargo loading/unloading operations. Needless to say, deck officers are required to carry cargo operations in the most efficient manner in the least amount of time. This eBook provides “handy tips”, “expert advice”, and “real experiences” to help deck officers radically improve their productivity.
For just $9.95 , learn and master the cargo operations on tankers.

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As their name suggests, Marine Insight has provided its readers great ‘Insight’ into various marine matters. Through this capteBook on tanker operations they have attempted to enlighten readers about tanker procedures and to a great extent have flawlessly been successful in it. The expert tips are immensely useful for crew as well as officers. A sequential layout of tanker operations in being created into readers mind as he browses through various chapters of this e book.

– Capt. Rishi Sharma ,  Assistant Vice President, Doehle  Danautic  Managament

CEO, Advance Maritime Training Institute (AMTI), Gurgaon.

Cargo Operations for Tankers Pack ( 2 eBooks)

While the eBook “The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operations for Tankers” features comprehensive explanation of all important operations and procedures that are used to handle cargo at the sea and at ports, our another eBook on Tanker Operations – “The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operation Equipment for Tankers” explains cargo machinery systems, their importance, and working. If you want to thoroughly understand the cargo operations on tankers, along with all the important systems provided on board, the “Cargo Operations for Tankers Pack”, consisting of both the eBooks is a must-have reference guide.

Get the pack with both the eBooks at only $15 

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