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An Officer’s Tool to Understand Cargo Machinery Systems of Tanker Ships

Tanker ships are one of the most sophisticated vessels at the sea. Carrying tonnes of oil and chemical products, tankers are susceptible to fatal accidents which can cause irreparable damage to marine environment and human life.

If you are a deck officer working on board tankers, you would be aware that handling such hazardous cargo is one of the most important and dangerous tasks involved with cargo transportation through tanker ships.

Of course with high-risk cargo, the machinery systems provided on tanker ships are so designed that they ensure safety and security of the highest order. But then we all know that it is not enough! The crew personnel handling the cargo need to know the operations of all the systems and equipment inside-out in order to operate them properly.

Needless to say, if you are a professional working on tankers or are studying to become one, it is imperative that you not only know all the equipment tools and systems provided to handle cargo efficiently, but also understand their importance and working procedures.

This clear, practical eBook includes 25 chapters focused on explaining all important equipment that are used for handling cargo operation on tanker ships. Each chapter describes an important system or tool which is essential to ensure safety of the liquid cargo and crew members handling the same on ships.

The guide also includes plenty of real life incidences, points to note, and expert tips to help deck officers handle cargo operations more productively.

Along with these chapters, you get real life incidences and experts tips which help you to further understand the working of these equipment in a better manner.

Some of the Common Questions that Would be Answered in the eBook

  • What is the procedure for using gas detection systems?
  • What are the types of portable gas detectors used and procedures to use them?
  • How to use personal gas detectors?
  • What is the procedure for using multi-gas detector tubes?
  • What are the different types of cargo piping systems?
  • How hydraulic valves operate by press of a switch?
  • How cargo pumps work on ships?
  • How to start a Framo pump?
  • How to use stripper pump?
  • What are emergency stops for cargo operation on tankers?
  • What is the importance of cargo eductor?
  • What are the different types of tank level gauging systems?
  • What are ullage/temperature interface measuring devices?
  • What kind of cargo heating arrangement is provided on tankers?
  • How inert gas system works on tankers?
  • What is a mast rider?
  • What is oil discharge monitoring and control equipment?
  • What is a vapor return line on tankers?

A deck officer has to take care of a number of equipment while handling cargo on tankers. With so many things to manage simultaneously there are high chances of missing or overlooking an important step. This guide covers common problems faced while handling cargo and also provide helpful tips to avoid them. The step-by-step procedures mentioned in the eBook must be understood and implemented by all deck officers.

If you are serious about improving you productivity as a maritime professional, then this eBook will help you to learn and understand all important machinery systems that are provided for carrying out cargo operations. Don’t miss the real life incidences and expert advice which are contributed by experienced deck officers and captains working on tankers.

What mariners are saying about this eBook?

mohitBeing a marine engineer, I know the difficulties that are faced while operating engine room machinery. We always have to be extremely careful while handling them. Thanks to this guide – we now always have a pocket book, which is not only easy to carry but also serves as a great quick reference.”
– Mohit Kaushik, Third Engineer, Maersk Line

mohitI have been working on tanker ships for past several years and sometimes it gets really difficult to understand the operating procedures of machinery, especially when you are new to a ship. This eBook is a great reference for both new and experienced marine engineers working on ships. A must-have guide for all seagoing professionals. – Rishab Joshi, Third Engineer, GMC

anishThis guide is an answer to hundreds of queries related to operating machinery received by us from marine engineers working on ships. If you are a marine engineer working on ships, this ebook would definitely help you in trying times on board. Print it and keep it as a quick reference with you, all the time. – Anish Wankhede, Second Engineer, MSC

anilsOnly a marine engineer working on ship can understand what is it like to make a blunder and face the aftermath while operating a major machinery or handling a major operation. Save yourself from any kind of professional embarrassment on ships. This is the best pocket guide you can have to handle engine room machinery and operations.” – Anil Samotra, Second Engineer, V-Ships

  • Instant Digital Download
  • Guaranteed for 30 days
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cargo operation equipment

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