Top 14 Maritime Institutes Providing Dynamic Positioning (DP) Courses in Asia

A Career in Dynamic Positioning is highly professional and sought-after one. To get a job on a dynamic positioning ship, a person has to go through a specialized training, which is offered by very few maritime training institutes around the world. In this article, there are top 14 dynamic positioning courses providing institutes in Asia. These are the finest institutes for DP courses in Asia offering different types of maritime courses, apart from DP courses.

I.      Bibby Ship Management: An international institute with training centres all over South Asia, the Bibby Ship Management institute offers a wide array of maritime courses in dynamic positioning. Ranging from a course to familiarise the prospective students to the concept, the institute offers a basic course, a dynamic positioning simulator course and a technical course to aid the students in dynamic positioning training.

II.    Pan-Arab E-Navigation: The first institute to be established in the Arabian land, the academy offers four distinct DP courses – starting from a basic course to one that provides training for a prospective dynamic positioning operator.

III.  C-Mar (Singapore): The C-Mar institute has branches all across the globe. One of its famous institute branches is located in Singapore which is regarded to be among the best dynamic positioning training institutes of the world. The C-Mar institute provides five DP courses, including a refresher course in the DP system.

  •  C-Mar (India): The Indian branch of the C-Mar group is located in Mumbai and offers five DP maritime courses. At present, the C-Mar Indian institute in India is the only Indian institute that offers dynamic positioning training in two different training modules.

IV.   L3 DP & CS: The Singaporean branch of L3 DP & CS offers excellent training in dynamic positioning systems. The benefit of the most important certification from the international nautical institute, adds yet another feather in the L3 DP & CS cap.

V.     Excellence & Competency Training Center, Inc.: The training centre, located in Philippines, offers two maritime courses in dynamic positioning vessels training. The center was established in the year 2001 and is regarded as being one of the best marine training institutes having the reputed DNV backing.

VI.   Kongsberg: A well-known name across the world for its dynamic positioning systems and dynamic positioning training, the Kongsberg training institute is located in Singapore. Additionally, it also has branches all over the world to provide training for DP courses.

VII.  Bourbon Maritime Center: The centre was established with a single-minded purpose to offer the best training for dynamic positioning. Located in Manila, Philippines, the centre is the only one in the country to be given certification status to rate institutes and centres offering DP courses.

VIII. Yak DP Training Centre: The Indian institute is the first in the country to get the Nautical Institute accreditation. Located in Mumbai, the training centre offers an in-depth training in dynamic positioning vessels.

IX.    Swire Marine Training Centre: The Singaporean training centre was established in 2007 and since then has been providing avant-garde maritime courses in dynamic positioning.

X.      Oceans XV Nautical Services Ltd.: The Indian training centre, located in New Delhi, offers two courses – basic and advanced  – and both with the prestigious nautical institute accreditation.

XI.    Norwegian Training Centre: The dynamic positioning training centre is based in the Filipino capital and offers two maritime courses in dynamic positioning. The training centre has been amalgamated into the Norwegian Maritime Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. since May 1990 and is regarded to be one of the best dynamic positioning vessels training in this part of the world.

XII.  Maritronics Service: The training centre has been in operation in the Middle-East since the past three decades and has been providing excellent training facilities in dynamic positioning systems.

XIII.  IMOSTI: An acronym for the International Maritime and Offshore Safety Training Institute, the training centre is located in Philippines. The training centre is well-known for the dynamic positioning operator course with an accreditation from the nautical institute.

XIV.  EMAS: A training institute based in Singapore, EMAS offers a dynamic positioning simulator course along with a basic course to induct an individual about dynamic positioning systems.

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  1. says

    dear sirs
    i like to learn more about dynamic positioning vessel ,because i am a captain of anchor handling vessel and also after i improve my english languge ,i take part in basice and advance class .
    please if possible send me a file of DP operation and DP book to my email
    many thanks
    in my countery we can not find this book for prepare myself to be ready and take part in DP class
    capt. korani in iran

  2. SUMEET SINGH says

    good evening,
    i m 19 years old.
    i m pursuing my cadet ship training on container vessel, but i m looking forward to build my career in dynamic positioning world. so it will be very grateful if u can guide me accordingly.

  3. khashayar torkipour says

    iam writing to inform you that i have none limited master certificate & also joined two ocean going vessels as a master & i like to attend the dp course in india .
    but i need more information that which course is more essential for me to starting the basic.
    also to gathering the effective certificate how many course is necessary to attending.

    i would be happy to have an opportunity to attending the course with your institute.

    an early reply would be appriciated.

    your sincerely

  4. Joshua says

    My partner is so interested to learn about dynamic positioning hope you could help him broader his knowledge about dp thank a lot

  5. says

    I am master on board presently its essential for me to attend the course dynamic pUosition System since my company make it compulsory.
    Warm regards
    Master ff1

  6. Rameshkumar says

    Already i am working in vessel electrical engineer i want study in DP course so now which course is better.

  7. Rohit Mainkar says

    Currently I am working as E/E on Container vessel. I wanna join DP vessel as E/E. So which course i have to do whether it is DP training and maintenance course or DP( introduction) basic course or the both course?

    Best Regards,
    E/E Rohit

  8. vikrant sud says

    Good day,

    Kindly note that I am master on chemical tankers. Looking for change to DP vsl.can you pls advise me how to go about and which all companies employ you.

    Waiting for your reply.

    Capt.Vikrant Sud

  9. arthur says

    Dear sir
    Iam a class 3 engineer working onboard a mini bulk/tanker vessel in PNG.
    Iam really interested in learning about DP maintenance, could you please give me directions to how I can manage to get a course. I prefer somewhere close, Aussie or Philipines.
    Inbox me on my email account..
    Thank you very much

  10. says

    @ Vikrant,

    You need to go through Dynamic Position Advanced training (DP Simulator – minimum requirement). There are few reputed companies in India operating and Manning DP vessels- SCI, Thome Shipping India, Hind Offshore, OSM Maritime etc.

    Please note that DP Vessel sea time calculation is different for DP 1 and DP 2/ DP 3 vessels.

  11. Wilson Enahoro says

    Am working in a vessel as instrumentation and control electrical engineer I want to study (dynamic position) DP course so now which course is better.

  12. kishor says

    i want to join dp vessel working main fleet last 12 years as a electrical officer.i did 3 years diploma in electrical engg.please let me know what courses i will did for dp vessel

  13. says

    I would like to join DP vessel , last 14 years working as a electrical officer on tankers I did Marine Engineer Class 3 please let me know which course have to do and job opportunities
    Thanks & best Regards
    Biju Job

  14. waqar says

    Good Day Sir,
    Sir currently i m sail on sea going bulker as 3rd officer.Sir now i want to join the DP vessel for my best carier.I have class-III COC.So plz tell me which courses i need for DP vessel.
    Best Rrgards

  15. OLUMUYIWA says

    Dear Sir,

    No sea experience , moreover, l can’t even swim, but l want to be a DP. Aged 49 yrs. Please, am l qualified?

  16. ahmad hadirrul amin bin ahmad nazman says

    from Malaysia, would like to pursue Dynamic Positing Basic Course, please advice the nearest center i may proceed this course and with affordable fees since i’am only with first year in this career.

  17. Dhiraj bajwa says

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    Our ‘DP’ training centre i.e. ‘Aquanaut Dynamic Positioning Centre (ADPC)’ is accredited by ‘The Nautical Institute’, UK.
    All the courses are conducted on a Full Mission Class A simulator from ‘GE/ Converteam’. ADPC strives to be the leader in providing well trained, skilled and competent personnel to the Offshore Marine Industry.
    Aquanaut Marine and Diving Services Pvt. Ltd is the name you can trust to cater to all your Maritime needs.


    Cell phone -+91-9820313510


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