Marine Insight Launches New FREE eBook – The Guide to Slow Steaming on Ships

With increasing bunker costs and global demand to reduce carbon emissions, slow steaming – a strategy to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions, is rapidly catching up with shipping companies around the world.

Slow steaming involves reducing the speed of the cargo ship from usual 20-24 knots to around 15 knots. Making the vessel operate at lower than average speed, cuts fuel consumption and lowers carbon emissions.

slow steamingThe concept of slow steaming was first introduced by Maersk Lines, which after several trials, was later on implemented on its vessels. The idea was gradually accepted by several other shipping companies, who wanted to drive down the consumption of energy and fuel expenditure along with reducing their carbon foot prints.

Today, slow steaming is a universally accepted concept in the shipping industry. Considering its consistently increasing usage, it is imperative that maritime professionals understand and learn about the concept, along with several other aspects attached with the same.

Marine Insight understands the present importance of slow steaming in the industry. In order to help maritime professionals learn and understand about this beneficial strategy, we have introduced a new FREE ebook – “The Guide to Slow Steaming on Ships”.

In this FREE resource, you would learn about:

  1. What is slow steaming?
  2. Brief history of slow steaming
  3. Benefits of slow steaming
  4. Why marine engineers are concerned about slow steaming?
  5. Different types of slow steaming without engine modification
  6. How to optimize ship’s engine for slow steaming?
  7. Checks and precautions for slow steaming
  8. Additional references

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