Octopus- Paul Allen’s Luxurious Super Mega Yacht

Built by one of the international shipbuilding giants Lurssen, the Octopus is one o f the most expensive super yachts in the world. The ownership of the vessel rests with Paul Allen, one of the founding fathers of Microsoft alongside Bill Gates.



Mega yacht Octopus was put into operation in the year 2003 and boasts of being ranked as the world’s eighth biggest yacht. The vessel is customised according to the specifications of its owner and comes with features completely dissimilar to any of its other peers contemporarily.

This aspect makes the vessel, the best private vessel to be owned by an individual.


Luxury Yacht Specifications

  • The yacht measures 414 feet lengthwise with a beam of almost 69 feet
  • The vessel has a draught of 18.5 feet and offers a maximum speed of 20 knots with an ambit of 8000 miles nautically
  • 26 patrons can be opulently accommodated within the yacht
  • A crew of almost 60 members ensure that all the needs and requirements of the voyagers are more than adequately met
  • Superyacht Octopus is registered with the George Town port of registry


An Espen Oeino architectural marvel, the designing of the vessel’s inner domain has been carried out by Jonathan Quinn Barnett. The core materials used to construct the vessel are steel and aluminium which add to the lustre of the vessel in terms of its utility.

The yacht functions on eight diesel engines. Each engine generates a power of about 2,400 horse power, which comes to 19,200 horse power in totality. Recreational equipments aboard the luxury yacht include Jet Skis and submarines.

The latter is used for observation and analyses of the underwater intrigue of the sea. Superyacht Octopus underwent a major re-equipping in the year 2008, following which its allure has further accentuated.

There are vessels that take the word ‘luxury’ to an altogether different level. Octopus is one such vessel: a crown jewel amongst the possessions of Paul Allen while enriching the lives of other individuals as well.


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