The World Ocean Space Center Concept, Norway

The World Ocean Space Center is a very important construction venture proposed to be built in Norway in the coming decade. The World ocean space center promises to be a very important landmark for the purposes of oceanic study considering the extent of today’s oceanic exploration and consequent degradation.

If the decision for the proposed space centre comes out through in the coming year, then all will be set for launching this world relevant structure within the next decade so that not only Norway can benefit through it, but also the entire wide world can experience and learn several important things researched and analyzed in this research module.



Constituting around 90,000 square meters of land specifically altered to be simulating as per the oceanic tableau, the world space centre stands to revolutionize the concept of marine studies because of the extent of the interest and effort involved to convert this research module into a reality.

And when it comes to the simulating adaptability of this space centre, it has to be mentioned that even the Arctic climate zone will be a part of the simulating module thus allowing the researchers, scientists and analysts to carry on with their studying and observations without having to worry about the omitting the influence of oceanic degeneration in the polar region from their researching.

This particular research centre will be located in the region of Trondheim in Norway and post the construction of a structure of such monumental relevance, the region will be regarded across the world with nothing less than respect for housing such an important edifice.



The proposal for such a space centre was broached in the first place because of Norway’s contribution to the world in terms of oceanic exploration and exploitation. Also, since Norway is regarded as one of the nations which actively promotes and supports conservation of natural resources, especially the marine eco-system, planning a construction which could add a completely new dimension to the mission of preservation of the marine eco-system is not surprising at all.

Because, by devising such a structure, it would put before the world, Norway’s example as a nation trying to positively and actively resolve the current environmental problems plaguing the world by giving a construction which would aid the cause on a more than micro basis.

The space centre will function as a research avenue for over 1,000 scientists and over 500 students thus not only contributing to the problem-solving aspect but also enabling many interested individuals to get a practical knowledge about what they need to know.

With so many features as its USP, the World Ocean Space Centre promises to make the future even brighter for the coming generations. By taking responsibility and making a conscious effort to rectify the mistakes once committed, Norway has added yet another step to the promise of delivering help to the neediest part of the planet’s existing eco-system.

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