Concept: The Artificial Island Skyscraper to Protect Human Habitat from Rising Sea Level

Where there is a will, there is a way. Alexander Kraisinski, has demonstrated the profundity behind this statement by coming up with the idea to build an ingenious skyscraper. However, what would set apart this tower from the other tall edifices is the fact that this tower will also be an island in addition to being a mere tall structure in the mainland.



Titled as the Artificial Island Skyscraper, the proposed tower promises to be an answer to the threat of increasing oceanic levels on account of global warming.

The architect has put forth his designs in such a way that the tower is self-contained – in every manner imaginable.

Tower specifications

  • The tower will measure 1000 metres – not just height wise but also diameter-wise

  • It will have a capacity to accommodate over 50,000 people in almost 50 floors
  • Its extent of self-containment will include both marine ports as well as an airport
  • The airport will be constructed at an elevation of 100 metres and will cater only to the deplaning of helicopters


Apart from these features, the artificial island skyscraper will also have its own recreational avenues like parks and gardens and formal avenues like offices and companies.

The island will have its own government system, which would ensure that the island will not be isolated and the people can still sustain and grow as a community.

Kraisinski has modelled this structure for the Persian Gulf waters in the Middle-east. However, according to him, the structure can be developed and constructed in water bodies in the United States, the Netherlands and even in the waters of Japan.

If this structure sees the light of the day, it would be a welcome answer to the gloomy predictions made about human survival. Over the years, technology has advanced which has made it possible to conceive and come up with ideas that not only unique but are also equally feasible.


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  1. Simo says

    The solution is to change the way we think and act. How many skyscrapers should be built for all the people? The humans must understand that this way of life will lead to civilization disappearance.

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