Buy a House at Sea: The World Ship’s Residence at Sea

Out of the three basic needs – food, clothing and shelter; nothing gives more joy and satisfaction than owning a home. This is because unlike the other two requirements, a home talks about long- term permanency and stability. This is why people aspire to own homes – dream homes as they call it, where mere houses are transformed into actual homes.

This is where The World comes into the picture. The World Ship is a cruise ship that offers an elite and unparalleled residential experience to interested people aboard it. The World Ship Offers residential opportunities at sea.

About “The World”

  • The pioneer of the concept of Residence at Sea was Knut Kloster Jr. who put forth the idea across to several of his colleagues in the shipping industry. Thus was born ResidenSea in the year 1996.
  • ResidenSea was proposed to be a group of like-minded people who could combine having a stable home along with the opportunity to visit beautiful places across the world. ResidenSea, is at present based in Miramar, Florida from where it operates the residency cruise liner
  • The World Ship has been designed by the famous pair of architects – Petter Yran and Bjorn Storbraaten. The entire architecture of the ship is that of openness and comfortability
  • The ship is registered under the Bahamian Port of Registry


Ship Specification

  • Length: 644 feet
  • Gross Tonnage: 43,524 tons
  • Beam: 29.8 feet
  • Width: 98 feet
  • Draft: 22 feet
  • Speed: 18.5 knots (maximum)
  • Residential Cabins: 165 cabins


Cruise Details, Residential Features and Ship Highlights

  • There are basically two options that a person can avail of in terms of residences at sea. The first option being a cruiser or a vacationer in The World Ship. However, it is the second option that lures and tempts people to this singular residential abode more than anything else.
  • One can own a home in the residence at sea and become a permanent fixture in the cruise outings taken by the ship. Additionally it would also mean having and possessing a unique kind of dream home – something no one else would have even dreamt about.
  • The World mainly caters to people over and around the age of 55 who want to enjoy tranquillity and serenity away from routine life. Thus the people who are a part of residence at sea, The World Ship offers premium and quality services with a capacity of a few hundred passengers (both residential as well as vacationers).

  • The price of the cabins starts at around US$ 90,000 and extends to around six million US$. Along with this, patrons who are residents in the elite home need to pay a yearly maintenance fee of US$ 16,000. For vacationers, discounts are available in case they want to have a repeat of the thrill and fun experienced in the residence at sea
  • Amenities like kitchen and restaurants and cafes are provided just like in any other cruise ship. This makes it easier for the patrons in the cruise ship to choose the best option – if they want to personalise their cooking, they can do so and if they want to enjoy a fair put forth by the chefs of the ship, they are most welcome to it.
  • Residence at Sea combines grandeur with sheer classiness and thoughtfulness. This is why the ship is regarded as one of the greenest Cruise Ships of the world

By managing to procure a home in The World and by becoming a part of residences at sea, people get to transform their lives, literally. From shunting from one place to another under the guise of commuting, they can easily roam across continents and visit ports that they might have never gotten a chance to see before without worrying about time limits and traffic stopovers.

The patrons themselves are involved in the planning and actualisation of the cruise itinerary which goes to show how much the residence at sea resembles a routine land-based community of people living together.

Having a home is important. What does not matter is where and in which location one’s home falls. For, as they say – home is where the heart is.


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  1. David Studman says

    We are a New Zealand retired couple and would like to know the current sale price of a studio apartment on The World together with the annual maintenance cost.
    David Studman.

  2. Ella says

    I am curious to know what your mortgage and annual costs cover. Do you still need to purchase food or medical? Where? Can you come and go as you please? does this overall cost essentially cover care and feeding? What happens if the ship sinks, is permanently docked or is decommissioned? What is our liability on this?

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