10 Best Cruise Ships for Entertainment Onboard

Entertainment is what the world lives for. The livelier the entertainment, the better is the crowd’s reciprocation. This is why cruise liners vie, compete and seek to provide the best possible entertainment avenues for their passengers. Valued and equated on the terms of the entertainment options that they can provide to its patrons, cruise liners’ entertainment facilities need to surpass uniqueness and singularity.

In a one-of-its-own rating provided by cruisers themselves, a list of 10 all-time best cruise ships for entertainment has been compiled and mentioned below in a descending order of chronology:

10. Liberty of the Seas

Operated by the Royal Caribbean International under its Freedom Class, the Liberty of the Seas is rated no.10 in the ratings of best cruise ships for entertainment. The ship’s entertainment activities’ highlights include a wine bar stocked with vintage wine brew, a casino – the Casino Royale, a life-size boxing ring, 50s-themed restaurant and an Italian Restaurant.

In terms of its entertainment value, cruising in the luxury cruise Liberty of the Seas is truly a liberalising experience.


9. Voyager of the Seas

A vessel of the Voyager Class cadre, the Voyager of the Seas offers to its passengers, a feel of ocean travel, never before felt or seen. With facilities like a promenade, a skating rink for ice skaters, a rock climbing wall and a dry spa, Voyager of the Seas justifies its name and position among one of the 10 best luxury cruise ships.


8. Norwegian Pearl

Enjoy the boutiques, the spa, the theatre, art and photo gallery and the casino aboard the Norwegian Pearl. Like the unique gem from the ocean, the Norwegian Pearl also provides a one-of-its kind entertainment options to the cruiser. The ship ranks eighth in the best cruise ships’ list.


7. Carnival Dream

The Carnival Dream, a vessel of the Carnival cruise line is the seventh ranked luxury cruise vessel. In terms of its entertainment offering, the ship provides an array of facilities that will tempt any person to book a cruise on the ship.

Shops aboard the ship offer a great shopping experience, a water therapy pool to invigorate and enrich the body with essential vitamins, a steakhouse, an elaborate dining room, the water-theme park experience and a live musical experience; it is all available in the Carnival Dream.


6. Norwegian Dawn

The Norwegian Dawn recently underwent a major revamping. Post revamping, the ship promises and delivers even more entertainment avenues than what it previously used to offer. A gift shop, a Brazilian steakhouse, an art gallery, a sushi-cum-salami bar, Jacuzzi, an auditorium and a theatre are the highlights of the Norwegian Dawn. The ship ranks sixth as the best luxury vessel for entertainment.


5. Norwegian Jewel

The Norwegian Jewel provides a sparkling and refreshing cruise experience in terms of entertainment. Ranking fifth in the cruise ships’ entertainment ratings, the Norwegian Jewel’s star speckled attractions include a French restaurant, tennis and basketball court for sports enthusiasts, a theatre, nightclubs, a casino and a jogging track.


4. Freedom of the Seas

The Freedom of the Seas ranks 4th in the list of best cruise ships. Its star studded attraction is its theatre is capable of seating 1,280 people at a given time. The theatre’s seating arrangements also have facility to accommodate wheelchairs. Cruisers, also get an opportunity to learn the Salsa and ice-skate among the vessel’s other entertainment attributes.

The entertainment shows broadcasted by the renowned DreamWorks Entertainment – an animation studio of international repute, Freedom of the Seas enlivens the oceanic experience to altogether different heights.

3. Norwegian Epic

Featuring the one of the world’s most renowned groups – the Cirque Dreams, the Norwegian Epic features as the third best ship in terms of its entertainment prospects. Experience dinner while watching the feats of the artists of the group and let your sense sway, enjoy the fun-filled aqua park, bowl over pins in the bowling alley, watch stand-up comedians deliver their acts and play Wii. The sky is the limit when it comes to entertainment in the Norwegian Epic.


2. Allure of the Seas

The Allure of the Seas acts true to its name and offers cruisers the alluring sights and scenes of exotic geographic locations. The ship, also known for its entertainment exotica, adds a new flavour to the cruisers’ entertainment prospects, aboard it.

Sports court, a night club, jazz and comedy shows, DreamWorks shows, workshops like jewellery making and scrapbooking and the many other endless avenues make the ship a beehive of entertainment activities.

1. Oasis of the Seas

The Oasis of the Seas is the sister ship to the Allure of the Seas under the Royal Caribbean International’s Oasis Class. Oasis of the Seas provides rich entertainment prospects to its passengers, featuring as the numero uno vessel in the list of 10 best cruise ships for entertainment.

Equipped with four pools and 10 whirlpools to enhance the experience of a cruiser, the other features of the ship include hair and make-up services, a science lab, an oceanic adventure theatre, lounges and discos specifically for teens. Cruising in the Oasis of the Seas adds a completely different note in the repertoire of cruising for an experienced cruiser.

The above mentioned luxury cruise ships provide wholesome entertainment like none other, and patrons get to experience cruise liners’ entertainment as it is supposed to be. And only by getting a feel of these avenues, can these experienced people provide superlative rating to the highly entertaining best cruise ships.


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