What are Cigarette Boats?

Cigarette boats were developed by Donald Joel Aronow, a professional racer in the high seas. Cigarette was the name of the racing team that Donald Aronow formed – the Cigarette Racing Team in the year 1969. Over the years, this name was adapted and modified to include all sorts of boats that had similar features to the Cigarette boat.

Some of the highlights and features of the Cigarette boat can be explained as follows:

Credits: paulig55/YouTube

Credits: paulig55/YouTube

  • The material used to build these boats is fibreglass. Fibreglass ensures that the boat has quality and long-lasting life
  • The Cigarette boat is known for its speed in the water. The boat has a capacity to reach a speed of around 80 knots in the water. This is why these power boats are mainly used in professional high seas racing
  • The maximum number of people that can be accommodated in the boat is five. Of these, three people are required to control the movement of the boat in the water
  • The length of these power boats is around nine to 15 metres while its width is around two metres. These dimensions allow the boat to gain the speed that it attains in the water
  • There are two engines required to make the power boats work. These two engines give a sum of around 1000 horsepower
  • In today’s times the power boats are known as rum-runners because of the fact that the cigarette boats were used to smuggle cigarettes between United States and Canada

These power boats were used extensively as smuggling vessels rather than race boats. The main reason for that was the fact that the speed of the boats allowed the smugglers to getaway very quickly from the coast guard and other authorities.

The point about the cigarette boats being used to smuggle cocaine is the most significant thing about these vessels. In spite of the fact that these boats were designed and created to be a unique boating system, they ended up being used most negatively. This is why the name of the boat, presents the boat in a very negative and unnecessary way.

In order to counter this problem, the United States’ Coast Guard have started using helicopters built-in with equipments and gadgets that can successfully dismantle the engines and motor of the power boats.

Although the cigarette boats have had a negative publicity, this is the fact that attracts more and more buyers towards them. The temptation to own a boat that has lured smugglers adds to the uniqueness of the boat towards interested boaters. And as long as this interest and attraction continues among the people, it can be hoped that the power boats will be as famous in the future as they are now.

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