Top 5 Weird Boats that Don’t Make Sense

People do weird stuff even when it comes to boating and maritime industry! Doing unusual and wacky things is definitely the best way to garner others’ attention. A few similar unconventional things got our attention recently.  We have brought to you a list of top 5 boats, which though almost worthless, were more than successful to get our attention.

We tried to understand the logic being making these boats, but unfortunately we were unsuccessful. Some things are for plain showing off, and these are definitely a few of them. Check them out!

Guitar Boat

We don’t know if this boat was a publicity stunt or a genuine attempt to make something innovative; but we feel the maker’s were almost out of their mind to even plan this out in the first place.


Wooden Ferrari Boat

A wooden Ferrari car turned into a boat? Sounds dumb? We don’t know about that, but the boat looks very unstable and unsafe to get in. We would prefer to stay away from this Ferrari, for sure!


The Truck Boat

The story behind this one says that a group of Cubans converted a truck into a floating vessel in order to cross the Florida Straits from Cuba to Key West. The most amazing part of the vessel was that it could be converted back to truck once the boat reaches land. Innovative but stupid and unsafe!


The Hamburger Power Boat

Definitely a promotional thing! Though looks cute, we question how useful is that motor driven hamburger? Or is it made to just stand outside a fast food joint for attracting prospective customers? You decide!


The Spider Boat

This one actually is a catamaran gone haywire! It looks more like a floating gantry crane. We are still trying to figure out its purpose. Anyone?


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