Panther Amphibious Vehicle: World’s Fastest Car On Water

Amphibian vehicles represent a unique engineering marvel. Built by the reputed Watercar Inc., Panther is one such amphibian vehicle of unparalleled ilk. The vehicle is superbly designed so as to offer users with the best possible utility value for their investment in it. Panther combines style with elegance and has propelled its designers to greater heights amongst pioneers of never-before-seen innovations.

Each component of Panther bears the stamp of excellence. The makers of the amphibian vehicle have ensured the utilisation of only those aspects that would only enhance the vehicle’s viability whilst providing a thoroughly enjoyable experience on it, both on land and water.

At a first glance, Panther looks remarkably like a solid and sturdy four-wheeled land-rover. However its salient features extend to more than its visible distinctions. Some of these features can be enumerated as follows:

  • The chassis of the amphibian vehicle is made of chromoyl. It’s a different kind of steel alloy, considerably lighter in weight allowing the makers to incorporate it with the hull system with resins and glues

Panther Watercar 01

  • The hull system of the vehicle is made of fibre-glass. Fibre-glass too allows for lightness in weight thereby providing greater operational ease for the vessel

Panther Watercar

  • The vehicle can be operated on any kind of terrain and is operable on any kind of water surface. Necessary protection for the vehicle from getting damaged due to the land and water conditions have appropriately equipped by its makers
  • Panther is equipped with the high-tech V-Tec engine built and patented by the Japanese engineering giant Honda. The engine has been specifically chosen to for its long-lasting productive assistance

Panther Watercar

  • Panther offers speeds over 125 km per hour while operable on land terrain and almost 80 km per hour while operated on water. The vehicle’s high speeds also account for its constructional brilliance
  • Users can also customise their amphibian vehicle as per their requirements. Watercar Inc. offers an array of customisation options for Panther’s users so as to make personalisation of the vehicle easier.

Panther Watercar

In order to avail of the amphibian vehicle, potential users are first required to fill a monetary deposit along with a written contract accepting adherence to the same with Watercar Inc. Users wanting to customise their pre-owned vehicle can also avail of necessary components by signing the same contract and paying the stipulated price of the said component. The total cost of the vessel has been placed at US$ 1, 35,000 with potential users required to submit a deposit of US$ 10,000 at the time of signing the contract. If a user wants a refund on his placed order, the refund amount provided will be US$ 1,000 less than the originally submitted monetary deposit.

Panther Amphibious Vehicle is considered to be the fastest vehicle of its kind in the world.

References: watercar

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