The Largest Power ASD Tug in Asia Delivered

Two of 8200hp ASD tugs named “Huan yu san hao ” and “Huan yu liu hao” were successfully delivered by Jiangsu zhenjiang shipyard group Co., Ltd. to Qingdaon port Co., Ltd.

These two vessels are the largest powerful and advanced ASD tug in Asia, and they can fully provide towing-assist to other very large vessel including aircraft carrier etc. Industry insiders think that this is the mild stone which indicated that a new century for china to design and build such powerful ASD tug has coming already.

ASD tug

According to the reports, these two tugs will service for Qingdao port Dongjiakou harbor 400000 ton ore terminal, provide necessary towing-assist to the six generation contain vessel and other very large vessels.

Reference & Image Credits: zjshipyard

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