Seaway Heavy Lifting to Transport and Install Gullfaks Wet Gas Compression Unit

Seaway Heavy Lifting wins contract for transport and installation of Statoil’s Gullfaks Wet Gas Compression unit.

Seaway Heavy Lifting has been awarded a heavy lift contract from Subsea 7. This contract is part of Subsea 7’s main contract with Statoil for the Gullfaks Subsea Compression Project in Norway.

Seaway Heavy Lifting’s scope includes Transport & Installation (T&I) of a 500t Wet Gas Compression station and its 300t Protection structure.


The project will be executed in Q2 2015. The location is 15km South of the Gullfaks C platform.

CEO Jan Willem van der Graaf says: “The crane vessel Oleg Strashnov is highly qualified for this job making optimum use of large deck space to transport the compression station and the protection structure. Installation will be done using Dynamic Positioning (DP) in water depth of 140 m. Seaway Heavy Lifting is proud to have been awarded this contract and is looking forward to working with one of its parent companies, Subsea 7.”

Reference: seawayheavylifting

Image Credits: offshoreenergytoday

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