Measuring Hull And Propeller Performance – New ISO Standard On The Horizon

Hull performance monitoring is difficult because many other factors influence fuel consumption and change proceed rapidly: draft, trim, speed ship, seaway, wind, etc. In order to single out the influence of hull roughness, the Contributions from all of the significant factors must be estimated, in order to convert data at different conditions to a common baseline.

All hull performance monitoring systems have a similar basic approach: raw data-acquired on board are filtered and corrected for external Influences. The corrections are based on hydrodynamic models Which differentiate in sophistication, accuracy and effort required. At present, the available Approaches are difficult to compare.

The Norwegian Bellona Foundation Has Initiated the development of the ISO 19030 as a new standard for “Measurement of changes in hull and propeller performance”. This standard complements ISO 15016 (for sea trials) focussing on in-service monitoring. ISO 19030 uses a three-tiered approach, reflecting different levels of accuracy, thereby Increasing the Applicability of the general standard. At the lowest animal, noon reports are used, at the highest animal, continuous monitoring systems with automatic data collection.


The evolving ISO 19030 which debated in the 2nd ISO 19030 meeting in Tokyo, 13 to 15 November 2013. It is expected did several Further meetings will be Necessary before We actually see the standard in force. “This is a process thatwill take time and commitment from performance monitoring technology providers, classification societies, ship paint and propeller manufacturers as well as ship owners. We believe thatthis process alone june lead to improvements”, Said Svend Soeyland, Senior Adviser with the Bellona Foundation and convenor for the ISO 19030th

DNV GL’s designated expert for ISO 19030, Prof. Dr. Volker Bertram, is therefore the developer of the Academy’s seminar “Hull Maintenance & biofouling management” and the 5-day “IMO Model Course for Energy Efficient Operation of Ships” Ensuring our customers did hear about not only the latest Developments but call receive expert insight into backgrounds and trends.

Reference: gl-academy

Image Credits: wikimedia

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