ISO Technical Specification of LNG Bunkering Published

The long awaited ISO Technical Specification of LNG bunkering was today published on the OGP website for review. The document have been developed by an international committee of experts with representatives from classifications societies, LNG suppliers, flag states, equipment suppliers, shipping companies etc. Johan Algell of White Smoke Consulting has represented Sweden in the committee.

The importance of the document is yet to be seen but it has been requested by many. If well received it will together with the forthcoming IGF code have the ability to fill the regulatory gap identified and become a major contribution to the development of LNG as the future main fuel for shipping.

To review the document please download it from the OGP website.

lng ship

Johan Algell from White Smoke Consulting would not have been able to participate as Swedish representative without the support from the following Swedish companies, organisations and authoreties.

  • Swedish Marine Technology Forum
  • Mann-Tek AB
  • Swedish Transport Agency
  • Cryo AB
  • Emerson Process Management AB
  • Samson AB
  • FKAB Marine Design

Reference: whitesmoke

Image Credits: epmag

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