Indian Ship MV Desh Shanti Still Under Detention in Iran

It’s been about two weeks the Indian ship MV Desh Shanti has been detained by Iran and both the sides have still not been able to resolve the matter.

According to reports, MV Desh Shanti was carrying oil from Iraq to India when the ship was apprehended by Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in international waters and then taken to Port Bandar Abbas, purportedly on account of environmental pollution. 

India has summoned the Iranian Ambassador to lodge a strong protest over the detention of its oil tanker. The Ministry of External Affairs said  the Government of India expects that the ship will be released at an early date and that crew members shall be treated with due consideration and courtesy, in keeping with international norms.

mv desh shanti

The external affairs minister of India Salman Khurshid said, “Two weeks is really too long for something like this to happen. I am sure the decision has not been taken at the level of Central government of Iran.” Khurshid also said he was convinced that there was no scope for establishing any pollution caused by the ship.
Shipping Corporation of India has already sent a technical staff to Tehran to assist in any issue that may require clarification.
According to official sources, the Indian ambassador in Tehran travelled to Bandar Abbas and met the captain of the ship and the other embassy staff met the crew.
Via: Times of India

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